How to paint the walls correctly

How to paint the walls correctly photo roller paint the wallsHow to paint the walls correctly

If you have decided on the choice of paint color, then the hardest part of the repair is over! It's time to do the painting itself, and you, of course, want the work to be done professionally. Do not worry! Follow the directions and you will get results that any master will envy. How to paint the walls in the apartment correctly, if you paint yourself, you will be helped by useful tips from our site.


The choice of paint for painting walls



Water-based latex paint is the most popular choice because it produces less caustic vapors, dries faster and easier to clean. This paint does not fade and does not turn yellow, it provides the painted surface with ventilation, which avoids the accumulation of moisture.


Oil based paints are more resistant. They can be applied at low temperature. Such paint can be applied when re-painting the surface on whitewashing or surfaces that already have two or three layers of paint.Oil-based paints are more difficult to apply, as they are thicker and often require the use of a solvent.


If you are not sure about the origin of the old paint, rub the surface with a small amount of denatured alcohol. Latex paint will come down, and oil paint will not. If you want to paint latex paint on the surface with oil paint, then you will have to use a primer. External walls are not recommended to paint with oil-based paint on latex paint. With vypor paint for painting the walls sorted out.


If you are going to paint the kitchen or bathroom, use a special paint designed for these purposes. Such paints protect the surface from mold, mildew and moisture. Although this paint will cost you more, it will help you save money spent on fighting mold in the future.


How to choose the material for the final finishing



For the final finish, use matte, glossy paint or paint with the addition of egg shells or satin.


On matte paints mold spreads faster because of the pores where it can settle and grow.Glossy paints are more durable and the surface with such paint is easier to clean. They are more resistant to the appearance of stains.


However, matte paint better hide flaws. The surface appears smoother. Many matte paints are guaranteed.


There is a category of paint that is between matte and gloss paints. These are paints with the addition of eggshell or sateen. They last longer than matte paints and give the room greater depth and warmth. Use the right tools.


Mechanical rollers and spray guns can save time, but using them is not practical for small rooms. Such premises are better to paint in the traditional way. To do this, you need a roller, a tray and several brushes of different widths for details. Do not forget to protect against paint floor and doors. We approach the answer to the question of how to paint the walls in an apartment correctly and the next step is the preparation of the wall surface before painting.


Prepare the wall surface before painting



Prepare the surface before painting is necessary to ensure the durability of the paint. Disadvantages, marks will be visible after painting, if their removal is not taken care of in advance.


First you need to move the furniture from the walls, remove the curtains, paintings, switches and cover the floor with oilcloth.


Further, if the walls in the kitchen have residual grease or dirt, they must be cleaned with hot water and detergent before painting. After that, cover all the cracks and holes with the putty. Let the walls dry. Then go over the putted places with sandpaper to make them smooth. Glossy surfaces also require sandpaper. After that, wipe the walls with a damp cloth.


Protect the wall surface



If you have a steady hand, you may not need a protective tape for edges, door handles and hinges. If not, be sure to use it.


Independently paint the wall and correctly



Where it is impossible to use a roller, use a brush. Dip it in half the paint and remove the excess from the edge of the can.


The roller allows you to apply paint evenly and quickly. Make sure the roller has a suitable bristle. The paint should be on all the roller. Draw the letter M and paint it inwards.


After painting, your room will look great, and you will be proud of yourself.So, we have considered with you how to paint the walls correctly in the apartment independently and almost professionally. And on saved money you can update the furniture in the apartment. Try painting the walls yourself, there is nothing difficult in this. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments.

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