How to overcome the anxiety for children?

Each woman can worry for her child: to some extent, the natural maternal instinct manifests itself in various spheres of life - whether children have eaten well, slept well, and so on.

However, anxiety for a child can sometimes become obsessive - in these moments, the mother begins to worry for seemingly unreasonable reasons for the health and lives of her children, and it is often very difficult to tame the excitement of this nature. So how do you stop being in vain for fear of a child and find your peace of mind?

Preconditions of obsessive anxiety and its consequences

Anxiety is a special state of the human psyche, in which a neutral, non-hazardous situation is regarded as dangerous and threatening. This is accompanied by a feeling of painful, obsessive anxiety, and the person experiencing this feeling becomes pessimistic, predicts danger or failure.

As such, the type of anxiety - concern for children in psychology does not exist. The causes of increased anxiety are determined by a character trait inherent in a certain type of personality.How exactly such a feature will later appear will depend only on the person himself. Often, if a situation or an object has a special significance, then the probability of fear arising in its relation increases significantly.

Since her own child is an extremely important person for any mother, a woman is always more or less concerned about her well-being. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, if anxiety can be contained within certain limits. However, a heightened sense of fear for the child can interfere not only with the mental balance of the mother, but also with the proper development of the little man.

The consequences of an increased manifestation of anxiety can have a considerable effect on the people around you and the person himself.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to talk about violations of the woman’s neuro-psychological health, but this does not end there: fear provokes an increase in pulse rate, increased headaches, provokes chest pain and sleep disturbance, resulting in problems with appetite and motor anxiety. Because of this, as a rule, mothers of babies start taking sedative medications.
  2. As a result of constant mental stress, mothers can “take out” their condition to their loved ones, including children, since they subconsciously consider them to be the culprits of their stressful state. As a result, the child receives a whole stream of reproaches and discontent over seemingly trivial situations. For example, a son or daughter was late for half an hour home and could not warn their mother because of problems with the phone. In this situation, there is nothing particularly unusual, but for the mother, who during this time has already managed to come up with the most terrible scenarios, it is very problematic to hold back emotions at such a moment. It turns out that a man received punishment only because his mother loves him and constantly worries about him, feeling anxious. Such a model seems absurd, but often during an emotional breakdown it is difficult to reason logically.
  3. Due to the constant manifestation of increased anxiety, this condition can also be transmitted to children. If in a family such behavior is a common practice, children on this background have their own obsessive phobias.
  4. If you constantly try to isolate the little man from all sorts of trouble, you can eventually make his development incomplete and get a person who is unable to withstand the problems.
  5. Hypertrophied fear and excessive care can play a cruel joke with the self-presentation of the child and building relationships with peers.

Ways to combat increased anxiety

Many mothers who first encounter such a problem are interested in how to cope with the unpleasant state of obsessive anxiety. The first is to say about mobile phones.

Unfortunately, they tend to discharge at the most inopportune moment, so every responsible parent should have at hand hand-phones of classmates of their children, their teachers, teachers, etc.

Secondly, it is recommended to instill in the young nails a little man a few useful qualities, such as: compulsion and consistency, as well as responsibility.

It is worth telling him that his parents are worried about him not only because of his whims, but also because of safety and concern. But what to do if anxiety continues to terrorize a restless mother? It will help her to overcome a few simple tricks.

  • Try to discard emotions and use logic in an alarming situation.It is necessary to get rid of the restless state, to tell yourself that emotions can no longer guide the mind. Next you should try to answer a few questions. What exactly causes such fear? What is the likelihood that this can happen? Why is this even likely to happen?

For example, often mommies are afraid that their beloved child on the way home will meet the company of hooligans and get involved with them in a fight, as a result of which they will get hurt. But why should such a scenario happen? Why did such a negative scenario develop in the mother’s head? Has anything similar happened to someone from her environment? By answering these questions, you can understand that there are no logical prerequisites for fear, and thereby overcome an unpleasant feeling. But this can be realized only when freed from the emotional context.

  • During the next attack of obsessive fear, it is necessary to reflect on whether there is any sense in these experiences, and how they can help in solving the problem. Sitting at home in the evening waiting for a child from a workout or a group, and worrying about it, you need to ask yourself the question - what's the point in this experience? In most cases, such fears do nothing and do not help.
  • The time chosen for them will be an interesting way to overcome their phobias.For example, on Sunday or Tuesday, from 19 to 19:30, when no one distracts, you need to completely immerse yourself in your worries. You can even start a timer - after the signal, all the phobias need to be left and to devote themselves to everyday affairs. And every time, at other times, an obsessive anxiety will again try to grab all the attention, you need to tell yourself that now is not the time to think about it.

A good way to overcome the exhausting state is to switch attention to other things. Best of all, if it is a fun hobby, but you can just immerse yourself in household chores or take a contrast shower.

In addition, good mental stability helps correct rest - a deep and adequate sleep, as well as various breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and yoga.

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