How to open your store?

So, you are going to open your store. What is necessary to remember? What details need to be considered in order for your store to be profitable and not lose its popularity? For most of us, there is little sense in the words “open store”, but only until we ourselves come across this. Let's try together to deal with all possible difficulties in the way of opening a store.

What to sell in your store

Still, we give this issue the first place in order of importance. You need to choose the most suitable products for your future store, because opening a clothing store or opening a grocery store is a big difference. Consider whether your goods will be needed by customers (opening an auto parts store in the taiga is not the most profitable business), evaluate the competitiveness of the store (opening a flower shop next to a huge greenhouse ... a bit unreasonable, isn't it?) Think about the method of sales - self-service or through the counter? If it is possible of course.For example, for a store selling electronics about any self-service speech and can not be.

Documents for opening a store

Documentation is a very important point in the process of organizing the work of the store. Be prepared mentally: as a rule, all these bureaucratic delays will take a lot of time and take away a whole car of nerves. So, what documents are needed to open your store?

Regardless of your location (you are going to open a shop in Ukraine or in Russia), be prepared to answer the following questions: the number of founders of your future company, its (company) name, intended activity, tax system, acceptable to you, which ensured your share capital - money or property, the name of your CEO and chief accountant.

It is also necessary to obtain a certificate of registration of a legal entity, a certificate of registration and receipt of a TIN.

It is also necessary to open bank accounts (not necessarily state-owned) and make a seal of your organization.

Think over the sign of your store. It is, in fact, a billboard, and permission is also needed for it.Get ready to submit an application, a copy of the certificate on the opening of the company, a sketch of the image (confirmed by your stamp), an agreement with the building owner on the placement of the signboard, and a map of the placement (sometimes you may need photos of the location).

You will also need permits and coordination with firefighters, obtaining permits for the use of cash registers, as well as all sorts of sanitary parameters of the room and the storage and location of the goods ... a lot of things. We advise you to keep your nerves and order a full package of documents in the nearest legal organization. These services will cost you 30-40 thousand rubles and a month of waiting, but your nerves are at rest and are 100% guaranteed that all the necessary documents are properly executed.

Well this month would be to think about the design of the premises and the name of your store. Yes, it is difficult, because the name should not only be creative, short and memorable, it should reflect (at least a little) the essence of the goods sold. Open a children's clothing store and call it “BitReal” ... Of course, it is easy to remember, and it’s easy to draw a logo: any techno / abstract daub will work, but there’s no association with children's things. BitRial - computer club, nothing more =)

The choice of premises for the store

It is important to consider a few key points:

  • Location: will there be parking spaces, how will people better go to the store itself.
  • The size and layout of the premises: eliminate the crampedness in the premises, consider the location of warehouses, office space, shopping malls and so on.
  • Communications: it is vital that you can easily conduct water, heat, electricity, telephone, Internet to your premises.

The choice of premises should be taken seriously, this is the main step towards the success of your business.

Equipment selection

It will depend on the service system chosen earlier, and on the goods sold, of course. If you are going to open a children's store - this is completely different, not like opening a commission store, for example. Order the necessary shelving, counters, showcases. Consider the design of the equipment and the design of the room, nothing should go against the norm, but the beauty of your premises will make buyers return more than once.

Search and selection of suppliers

Your suppliers will greatly affect the operation of the entire store. Try to choose a company with a good reputation.Necessary traits for a good supplier are commitment and punctuality. Pay attention to delivery schedules, prices and quality of the goods supplied. Try to maintain good relationships with your suppliers and even develop them.

Recruitment for the store

It is necessary to take into account the type of activity of your store, or rather it would be said: what are you selling. Based on this, it is already worth picking up staff. Imagine that in the store of children's toys you are served by a man in a strict expensive suit and glasses. Or, on the contrary, they came to the salon for a car, and you are advised by an 18-year-old girl with unsuited pigtails and a chewing gum in her mouth, which she does not miss the opportunity to chirp everywhere terribly. It's funny because you agree?

In this case, the seller must also be a consultant, and not a silent mannequin, pulling the goods and taking the money. There are sellers, as they say, "from God", they are able to greatly increase the level of sales in your store. Based on this, it is necessary to seriously engage in the selection of personnel for your store, it is better to leave this occupation to professionals. Let the public relations manager be first on staff.Subsequently, do not save on training for your staff, believe me, it will pay off very quickly.


How to open your store and gain maximum popularity from the first days? Yes, simply, connect all your creative here, do not be afraid to be funny in someone's eyes, and especially do not think about the possible failure, waiting for you ahead.

Organize a large-scale advertising campaign, hang a bunch of posters and banners all over the city, start advertising on TV and radio a couple of days before opening, don't forget about word of mouth - just start a rumor about the uniqueness and benefits of your store. Black PR methods are also suitable for this - social networks, for example, can organize mass spam. It will play a bad role, probably, but there will be many who want to see it. If you make a competent advertising and prepare a promotion (all products with a 50% discount on the first day, for example), then it is possible that your store simply cannot cope with the influx of thirsty customers that you will provide :)

Now you know how to open your store, and we wish you good luck in business!

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