How to open an electronics store

Make a business plan. This will be a kind of program of your follow-up actions and an argument for the bank when taking a loan. However, a loan may not be necessary if you decide to trade only small electronics at first — telephones, cameras, and so on. Also low-cost and sought-after option - commission trade in such goods.
Prepare all the necessary documents for opening your store. Register with the tax office at the opening of the store. You will receive a certificate of legal entity. To do this, you will need to decide in advance with some points: the name of the company, the founders, the type of activity, the tax system, the positions of director and accountant. Register with the Unified Register of Legal Entities and get the TIN. Get registered in IMNS. In Goskomstat get code KVED. Register with the social insurance, pension and medical funds.Make a seal and open current accounts. Get permission to place your store signboard. Get the findings of the State Fire Supervision and Rospotrebnadzor. Register cash registers. You can collect all these documents yourself, but you can contact the law office for help.
Thoroughly think about what your store will be called. Its appeal to potential buyers will depend on the correct name. For this you can also contact the specialists in naming. It is desirable that the name was clear that you are trading in electronics or its individual categories.
Solve the issue with the room for the future store: will you rent or build? In any case, the location of the store in the populated area, its size, layout and availability of communications is very important. To start is quite suitable leased department in a large shopping center.
Purchase the necessary trading equipment suitable for placement of electronics. It is desirable that all small items were in closed windows.Proper lighting, window dressing and techno-style hall is very important.
Decide on suppliers. Make deals with firms that have a good reputation. You should also arrange prices, quality, range and delivery schedules.
Pay attention to the placement of goods within the store. Use the knowledge of the psychology of the buyer - merchandising.
Pick up a staff that organically fit into the idea of ​​your store and the goods sold. The seller does not just have to take the money, but also to be an assistant, a consultant. This is especially true in the electronics store - your employees must be competent in all technical subtleties.
Keep track of all the innovations in the world of electronics and order them to your store immediately. Let not everyone can afford to buy them, but many will drop by. Perhaps these people will become your regular customers.
Be sure to open your store's online storefront. Buyers of electronics are advanced people, most of them are primarily looking for products online, and they also buy a large percentage there. Do not miss this opportunity.

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