How to mount the heating system in the house

You will need
  • - heating boiler;
  • - radiators;
  • - metal pipes;
  • - control devices;
  • - grinder ("Bulgarian");
  • - perforator;
  • - set of wrenches;
  • - pliers.
Choose a heating system that you intend to use in your home. The most common in homes is a water heating system. Make a project that includes a heating boiler, radiators, communications, temperature control devices and control of the entire system. Calculate the required power of the system, based on the area and volume of the premises of the house.
Make a list of necessary materials, equipment and tools. Purchase all according to the list. Some tools can not be purchased, but rented.
Begin installation of the system with the installation of a heating boiler. From the boiler, arrange the network through which heat will be supplied to the heaters.Before this, think carefully about how many radiators you will have, in what places they will be located. As a rule, heating devices are installed under the windows.
Install radiators using a perforator and the necessary fittings (fasteners). Usually fasteners come with heating devices. Equip the room with warm floors, if provided for by the project.
Calculate separately the number of pipes, adapters, tees, etc. for the device heating system. Make a detailed layout of all elements of the system with an indication of scale. Draw on the diagram where the communications will take place. Consider the location of the electrical cables in order not to accidentally damage them.
Before putting the heating system into operation, bleed the air in the system by unscrewing the tap until water appears (with the air plugs coming out of the system). Commission the start of the heating system to specialists, otherwise the heating boiler will be removed from the warranty service.
After connecting the heating, check all the pipe joints and their connections to the heaters to make sure that the connections are tight and tight. If necessary, unplug the system and eliminate installation faults.

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