How to motivate yourself to lose weight

What you need to do first to lose weight without unbearable effort? Of course, understand why you should be a slim creature. Do you want high self-esteem, satisfactory privacy, being healthy, beautiful, pleasant in all relationships, wearing beautiful clothes, buying the same swimsuit or being the most subtle and ringing among your friends ...? Each has its own "picture" in dreams.

Set your dream timeframe? No! This is a big mistake. And if the body and your mind failed, and the weight did not go to the first day of vacation? What then do you do? Sticks fail. The best option is to set goals and objectives small, medium and long-term. The final result, that is, the long-term goal, will be the discharge of a certain weight, each with its own figure. Small short goals to lay in a few days or a week. What is considered a weekly goal? Number of squats, kilometers of runs or how many sweets you have not eaten.

Enter into your life physical culture. Do the exercises that you like.

Review your diet. Eat five to six times a day, but without bread and sweet. You can not eliminate immediately, set goals, and instead of three cakes, eat one in the morning. Three days later, half.

Keep a diary of achievements. Record every victory: abandoned coffee, dropped 200 grams, ran 20 minutes and fell in love with cabbage, and so on.

Is it hard to lose weight alone? Find a partner, an accomplice. Together you can train, gain support or competitive spirit.

Enjoy the process of losing weight, call it, the path to ... happiness, love, success, to health. Any name you like. Do something for this every day.

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