How to measure speed

You will need
  • tape measure or ruler, stopwatch.
Measurement of average speed In order to measure the averagespeedbody, turn on the stopwatch or the clock at the beginning of the path and measure its length, turning off the stopwatch at the extreme point. After that, divide the length of the path by time and getspeed. The units of measure will be equal to the units in which the distance is measured, divided by the units of time. For example, meters per second or kilometers per hour.
Measuring the speed of a body falling on the surface of the earth A steel or lead weights that fall freely from a height of up to 10 meters will work well. Measure the height from which the body falls. Then multiply the numerical value of the height by 19.62, and take the square root of the resulting number. This will be the value of the speed of the body when falling from a given height.If the body is in flight, then to find its current speed, subtract the value of the height at which the body is at the moment from the initial height, also multiply by 19.62 and extract the square root.
Body speed with a uniformly accelerated motion. If the body moves uniformly accelerated from a state of rest, then measure the distance it has traveled using a tape measure or other method, as well as travel time using a stopwatch. After that, multiply the distance by 2 and divide by the value of time. If the body does not accelerate, but slows down, then the path is measured from the point of the start of braking to a complete stop. The formula applies the same.
Measurement of the instantaneous velocity of the body To measure the instantaneous velocity of the body, an instrument called a speedometer is used and is installed inside a moving object. To get the value you just need to look at its scale or electronic scoreboard. Outside instantspeedmeasured by laser radar. To do this, direct the radar at a moving object, and it will be displayed on the screen.speed.

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