How to make flavoring for the house with your own hands?

Today, you will not surprise anyone with the usual store fragrance - they are sold in a wide range, have a fairly diverse palette of smells and do quite well with their main functions.

But the unusual homemade flavors, made by the hands of a caring hostess, this is something new that will surely interest the guests of your house. You may ask why suffer, “reinvent the wheel”, if everything you need is already invented to us and is freely available for sale in household stores?

Yes, it would be because the flavors made by themselves are completely natural, they do not contain chemical or even harmful components, which can often be found in the composition of purchased bottles. This is especially convenient for people who sharply react to artificial odors, which is especially important for allergy sufferers.

In addition, it is a matter of economy - purchased air fresheners are notoriously expensive, especially if they are products of some well-known brands.In addition, when creating a fragrance with your own hand, you can use your favorite fragrances, set its intensity and, thus, receive only pleasure from the product.

But how to make flavoring for the house with your own hands? To some, it may seem at all that this is unrealistic, but in practice it turns out that it is very simple and interesting, there are many ways and options. True, not all of them are really effective, which is why we decided to provide you with the best and proven methods.

Such homemade jars with aromas will fill your home with fragrant and healthy smells that raise a good mood and have a positive effect on the human immune system.

Room Fresheners

The most popular ingredient of homemade flavors is, of course, essential oils. Choose them to your liking - someone prefers floral, some conifers, and they affect the organism and the nervous system in different ways.

For example, coniferous breeds are more often used for relaxation, lavender oils do a good job with nervous system disorders, and citrus oils invigorate and add energy.In principle, if desired, you can mix several oils at once. But how to make a real freshener with them?

  • The easiest option is to just drop a couple of drops of oil on a piece of cotton and put it on a saucer or in a small jar. From time to time it should be placed in a warm place, for example, on a battery, so that the ethers begin to evaporate. To renew the smell, from time to time the oil must be dripped again. Such fleeces can be placed in the bathroom, wardrobe or in the kitchen, where odors are particularly common.
  • For the second option, you need a little more materials: a small jar with a hole with holes, foil, soda, toothpick and, accordingly, essential oil. At the bottom of the jars you need to pour a little salt, and on top to drip 20-30 drops of oil, shake well. We wrap the neck of the can with foil and make holes in it with a toothpick. We close the lid with holes (if there is none, it does not matter, they can be done in a conventional lid with an awl). The principle of operation is the same as with cotton wool - when the fragrance disappears, it can be updated and use such a freshener for any length of time.

Another option for homemade fresheners is to make a gel. The main convenience of such flavors is the ability to use not only as a home accessory, you can put it, for example, in a car, because it will not crumble and not spill.

It is not difficult to make it: in a glass of water it is enough to dilute one pack of gelatin, add some glycerin (a tablespoon is enough) and a few drops of essential oil. Thanks to glycerin, such a freshener can be used for quite a long time, as it will not dry in just a couple of days.

And if such a composition is poured into a pretty transparent container, adding orange, lemon or lime slices to it will also make a very effective decor for the home interior.

Coffee Flavors

The smell of coffee is one of the most pleasant and loved by many flavors, so why not use these dark grains to create a homemade freshener? The easiest option is to sew a small bag of fabric (burlap, cotton, flax) and fold into it a dozen fresh grains, tie a pretty cord and periodically update the contents.Ground coffee can be poured on small plates or in jars, and then just place them in the rooms.

Citrus to refresh the air

If you do not like oils, then you can use whole fruits, oranges, lemons and lime are great for this. A pleasant aroma will spread around the room if you place several orange "hedgehogs" in it. What it is?

It's simple: pick a fresh fruit and stick 10-15 sprigs of dried cloves into it. A pleasant aroma thanks to such "hedgehogs" will be preserved in a week.

For another option, you will need a regular spray (you can from the old freshener): pour water mixed with lemon juice or lime into it. You can use this freshener by spraying it around the room or in the toilet.

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