How to make origami vase

You will need
  • 2 sheets of square paper, one of which is more dense; paper glue; weights (pebbles or tea cup).
Take a sheet of thick paper and fold it diagonally, thus defining the fold lines.
Fold the top corner to the middle of the bottom. Use a pencil to mark the square bottom. Then expand the sheet and bend in all directions along the marked bottom bend. Thus, you will have a pyramid, at the base of which is a square.
Turn the resulting pyramid. After reinforcing the bends, turn the corners perpendicular to the walls of the future vase.
Each corner firmly pressed to the near wall and round it around the vase. Secure the corners with glue.
Now from the sheet of less thick paper make the samea vaseand paste into it first. If the first vase makes the product durable due to the density and stiffness of the paper, then the second adornsa vase, making its combination with the interior more harmonious.

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