How to make long hair bulky

On washed and slightly driedhairApply volume agents, spreading them evenly over the entire length using a comb. But everything is good in moderation, having gone too far with the remedy - you can get the opposite effect,hairmay become heavier. ThenhairIt is necessary to blow-dry using a large volume round brush. Finishing styling, apply a special wax, rubbing it in your palms, apply to the strands of hair.
Cash and volume are not separable. Dryhaircombed directly at the roots. After that comb the comb (preferably from natural materials) with rare teeth in the direction of their growth. The need for just such a comb is due to the fact that it only gently straightens his hair. A properly decorated bouffant is able to keep the volume from 2 to 3 days.
Excellent volume can be obtained using conventional curlers. On slightly wet combedhairapply the styling agent evenly and wind the strands on the curlers, then dry with a hairdryer. Remove the curler after 20 minutes. It is important not to combhair, but simply to separate the strands by hand.
The quality of the styling product is also important for creating volume.

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