How to make fluffy eyelashes

You will need
  • - Serum for the growth of eyelashes;
  • - dried petals of chamomile and cornflower;
  • - almond or castor oil;
  • - Vitamin A or carrot juice.
To make your eyelashes fluffy, you need to pay special attention to nutrition and health, and only then proceed to local effects. According to experts, it is difficult to deceive nature, therefore making the eyelashes thicker than it is genetically incorporated is impossible. But if you regularly care for the cilia and strengthen them, you can prevent the process of their loss.
In specialized stores you can buy a special serum that stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes, thickens hair and gives them elasticity. It is better to choose the serum that does not contain hormones, it is absolutely safe for health. The composition of this drug includes vitamins, natural oils and keratins. It is better to use serum for the night, it is necessary to wash off in the morning with water at room temperature.You will be able to achieve an excellent effect after eight weeks of regular use of non-hormonal serum, the eyelashes will become thick, fluffy and long.
Antioxidants, immunostimulants, as well as anti-inflammatory substances contained in chamomile and cornflower strengthen eyelashes, make them thicker, prevent their burning out in the sun, remove bruises and swelling under the eyes. Therefore, you need to regularly use the infusions of these herbs for lotions. Mix two teaspoons of dried petals of cornflower and chamomile, cover with a glass of boiling water. Insist in a thermos during the day. Then strain the infusion and moisten in it cosmetic discs, apply for twenty minutes to closed eyes. Do not flush. Perform this procedure daily, soon you will be able to see the first result.
Almond and castor oil enhances the growth of eyelashes, making them thick. To do this, it is necessary to do oil compresses twice a week. Dampen cotton wool in heated almond or castor oil, apply to the eyelash growth line. Close your eyes and hold the compress for fifteen minutes.To enhance the effect, you can add a couple drops of vitamin A to the oil (or mix the oil in equal proportions with carrot juice).

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