How to make drip watering in the greenhouse

To summer residents who do not have the opportunity to visit their property often, drip irrigation will help in the fight against drought. This system of water supply to the plants can be made both in and in the greenhouse. Its advantage is that it does not require the use of a pump, since the liquid flows to the right place by gravity.

What is required for the installation of a drip irrigation system?

Components for the device drip irrigation system can be purchased at stores for gardeners. But no less effective as a pipeline dropper or drip tape. The latter are a hollow plastic tube with many holes. Such an irrigation network will cost much less.
Liquid supply should be made from a fairly large capacity. It is best to install a barrel of 200 liters. You can use a plastic pipe or a reinforced hose as a central highway. In order to prevent clogging of the pipeline, it is advisable to install a water purification filter at its outlet.In addition to these materials, you will need fasteners and plugs.

How to make drip watering in the greenhouse?

To reduce the length of the highway, it is desirable to place a container with water near the greenhouse. In order to create the required pressure in the pipeline, the barrel must be installed at a height of 1.5-2 m. A hole is cut in its lower part, the output end of the main line is strengthened in it, which can be made of a sewage plastic pipe of 50 mm or reinforced hose. It is highly desirable to install a faucet. This, if necessary, will allow to shut off the water supply.
The central highway is laid in the middle of the greenhouse throughout its length. The main pipeline can be laid horizontally, and branches from droppers require a slope in the direction of the beds. Drip tape is easier to attach to a plastic pipe than to a hose. Therefore, it is preferable to use plastic.
Holes of the required diameter are drilled in the pipe, a dropper is inserted into them and the gaps are sealed with a moisture-resistant silicone sealant. So do all along the central pipeline.Each link drip tape is equipped with a small faucet, which allows you to adjust the pressure of the water flow.
All branches from the central highway should be located along the beds. At the end of each drip tape set cap. Upon completion of installation, the drip irrigation system must be flushed by performing a test run.

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