How to make Christmas balls with your own hands?

Christmas balls are an indispensable symbol of the winter holidays. You can buy them on the market or do it yourself. In fact, it does not matter. The main task is to have the balls as much as possible and then the feeling of the holiday will not leave you for a minute.

Have you ever seen a Christmas tree without balls? Hardly, and even if you came across such a copy, we think, it looked not very cute. At least not so festive.

Remembering the New Year, most people have the same picture in their heads: a warm house, in which a forest beauty always stands, decorated with various beautiful balls and rain. You must admit that such a picture causes pleasant sensations in the soul.

It would seem that one small ball has nothing special in itself. But for some reason now for several centuries, it is a symbol of the New Year. He has a rich past and his own little story.

History of

People started celebrating New Year many centuries ago. In those days, our ancestors were especially close to nature and tried to appease it in every possible way. In return, spirits of nature guarded the homes and families of the people who believed in them.

The connecting element between nature and man was a tree. Previously, everyone worshiped an ordinary apple tree, it was she who was dressed up for all the holidays, and the fruits were considered a symbol of wealth and eternal life.

Over time, people began to upset the fact that in winter the apple tree sheds leaves and loses its beauty. Therefore, gradually, the object of worship became another equally majestic tree, spruce.

She is equally beautiful in different periods of the year. And most suitable for the symbol of eternity.

In order for the gods to be more supportive of them, people began to decorate spruce in every possible way. For this, they learned to make the most unusual decorations. Despite the fact that the apple tree gave up its position as the leader of the Christmas tree, its fruits were the number one decoration.

Our ancestors sincerely believed that the more luxuriantly decorated spruce trees, the more successful will be the next year. Therefore, they tried their best to make the decorations more bright, sparkling and elegant.

Thoughtful people even in the fall left the most beautiful fruits of apples in order to hang them on the Christmas tree for the New Year. As you guessed, apples are a type of balls.

If you believe the ancient New Year legend, once the apples were not disfigured, and poor people simply had nothing to dress up the Christmas tree. Then all was saved by the masters of the glass case. They blew out glass balls that visually looked like ripe apples.

Since then, people realized that the Christmas balls are much more beautiful than the fruits of apples. Yes, and they are stored much longer.

Now the production of Christmas-tree toys is engaged in a whole industry. Christmas balls are made of plastic, glass, cardboard and even metal. The most popular are these types of Christmas balls:


Glass beads are the most traditional option for decorating forest beauty. Unfortunately, lately the price for them is somewhat overestimated. But only New Year's toys from this material have a characteristic brilliance and New Year's ringing.

By the way, now the balls can have a relief surface and be painted in the most unusual colors.


Such toys are now the most common.This is mainly due to the fact that the price of them is significantly lower than the glass ones. In addition, plastic Christmas balls are not broken.

And this is a great advantage, especially when you have in your house harmful cats and small children.

With logo

In connection with the development of the business industry, it is now fashionable to make Christmas toys with the logo of the native company. So to say, so that people always remember where they work. Such a toy will be an excellent option for a gift for the New Year party. Pretty symbolic, but from this you get a lot of positive.

Do it yourself

Handmade Christmas balls can be unreal beautiful. To create one such ball it takes 2 hours in one case and a couple of days or even weeks in the other. As a basis, the master of handicrafts takes an ordinary glass ball and further decorates it at its discretion.

Straziki, paints, silk, beads and much more can be used as decorative elements.

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