How to make beautiful lips

In this article, the site of useful tips will tell you how to properly build a bright lipstick so that it lays evenly at me, even the most expensive.


How to make lips seductive



Beautiful lips? Nothing complicated!


Let's analyze this process step by step!


We polish


To keep your lips interesting and smooth, exfoliate. Apply facial scrub or with care wipe your lips with a soft toothbrush.


We feed


Apply a good layer of lip balm, and after two or three minutes, remove it with a cotton swab. This will be an additional peeling.




Outline the outline with a soft pencil - so the lipstick will not spread. Prefer tone on a shade lighter than the natural color of the lips. Try a pencil of a beige shade - lips will seem the most voluminous. Today there are transparent pencils!


Apply lipstick


You need a flat brush - no more than 5 millimeters thick. Apply lipstick, starting from the inner surface and moving along the direction of the contour.


Add shine


To create a volume, apply a gloss in the middle of the lips.

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