How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

Holes on clothes “hint” to the owner that it’s time to throw the thing out. But with jeans all the way around. Modern fashion dictates its own conditions, and now light fray and even huge holes are not the result of prolonged wear. Leaky jeans today - a stylish and expensive piece of clothing, which is necessarily present in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman. They can be combined with almost any thing, they are suitable for almost any age. To become the owner of fashionable jeans, it is not necessary to spend money, because you can make holes on jeans with your own hands at home.

How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

Ways to make holes and worn on jeans at home

Before making scuffs or holes on jeans, you need to take into account the density and features of the fabric. For example, the strain material is characterized by deformations, so the holes can change their shape under strong tension and look unattractive.

For reference! After creating holes on the jeans, it is recommended to wash them, as this will help give them a more worn look. The bleach will help to create jeans, if you add it with a spray.

In addition, you will have to make various efforts when making holes in a thin and dense material.

The location of the holes on the jeans depends on the features of the figure of their owner. Owners of short legs should make oblong holes on jeans in order to visually lengthen their limbs. Accordingly, girls with long legs can afford and cross holes on their jeans. It is also not advisable to make cuts in places you do not need to pay attention to. For example, if you make a hole on the full hips, they will attract the eye.

Method 1: the classic version

Make beautiful holes on jeans in several ways, but the simplest is the classic option. With this method you can get a fashionable thing in the style of rock. It is advisable to use skinny jeans, because these holes look best on them.

You can make ripped jeans in the following way:

  1. Put the pants on a solid base and then cut a horizontal strip in the pant leg with a kitchen knife. You can make it long, from one side seam to the other.However, you should be careful not to cut it, otherwise the thing will be hopelessly flawed.How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home
  2. Then down the fabric to make similar cuts. Between them, you can leave an equal or different distance, as desired.How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home
  3. Such holes can be made from top to bottom. As a result, old jeans can be transformed into a fashionable thing.How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

You can make holes on both legs of jeans or only on one. It is also quite possible to make cuts from behind. It is enough to show imagination and a stylish model of jeans will be ready.

Method 2: holes with threads

At will it is possible to make holes with cross threads on jeans. They do not stick out in all directions, they look beautiful and neat. Jeans with such holes are more suitable for the spring and autumn season.

Step by step instructions with a photo will help to make holes on jeans with your own hands at home:

  1. Put jeans on a hard surface and mark up with chalk or soap, marking the width of the future cut.
  2. Make two cuts on the fabric with a stationery knife, they should be parallel to each other.
  3. Tweezers gently pull the thread, trying not to stretch and tear them.
  4. Remove the blue threads with tweezers.

How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

After this procedure, the jeans will remain neat holes with white threads. For beginners, it is easier to make them rectangular, but their shape may be different. As the experience grows, it will be possible to make triangular or round cuts, as well as to give them a heart shape.

On a note! You can combine big holes on jeans with dotted cuts. To make a small hole, you need to pierce the fabric with scissors, making a cut about 1 cm, and then, using a needle, pull the threads.

Method 3: careless holes on jeans

Unlike the previous method, this master class describes how to make careless holes on jeans. This style is suitable for active girls. Threads sticking out in all directions give jeans with holes carelessness.

Step-by-step instruction with a photo will help to make holes on jeans at home:

  1. Before starting work, beginners need to identify the places of cuts with soap or small. For more experienced "masters" who can easily identify these areas by eye, you can omit this moment.

How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

  1. Make horizontal holes on the jeans legs. To do this, use a stationery knife or a kitchen knife.There should be cuts of different lengths, so that a hole of complex shape will later form.

How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

  1. From the obtained strips it is necessary to stretch the white threads, and it is not necessary to do this carefully. Rather, on the contrary, it is necessary to stretch and tear them, too unceremoniously.

How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

  1. It is also important to pay attention to those places where there are blue threads. They are not needed, so you can get rid of them without regret.

How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home
The result is such unusual jeans with sloppy holes. Current data slots look on the "bananas" and boyfriends.

How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

Method 4: holes with scuffs on jeans

It is not necessary to make big holes on jeans. The scuffs on the pants are also in fashion, so it is not necessary to make through cuts in order to be in trend.

To make holes or scuffs on jeans in this way, you need to do the following:

  1. Put on jeans to see where it’s best to wear scuffs. Then they need to be designated using chalk, soap or a pencil.

On a note! It is not recommended to make holes or scuffs on the knees, otherwise the slots will break during the walk and become larger, which will spoil the appearance of jeans. Therefore, you have to choose another place.For example, just above the knee.

  1. When the place for scuffing is chosen, you should put the jeans on a hard surface. It is also advisable to put some hard object in the leg in the cut area. It can be a book, cardboard, and so on. This should pay special attention, otherwise there is a chance to spoil the back of the leg, because of what jeans have to be thrown away.
  2. Rubbing can be done with a grater, sandpaper or pumice. First you need to make small cuts with a knife, and then rub the selected object in the selected place of wear. To make the edges crimped, it is enough to scrape them there with scissors.

On a note! If you want to create a small scuff on jeans, do not necessarily use scissors. Also, do not pre-make cuts with a knife, you can just rub a little with a float or sandpaper in the place of the alleged wear.

How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

Method 5: big holes in jeans

Jeans with big holes - the summer version. In some models, the holes are so large that most of the legs remain open. Since this is a summer dress, these jeans should be sewn of lightweight fabric.

To make big holes on jeans in this way is very simple. Just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Mark the cut on jeans with a marker or felt-tip pen. Since the hole should be large, you need to make not just an incision, but cut a part of the fabric. An example is the photo below.How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home
  1. Now it remains only to make a fringe along the edge of the hole. To do this, the needle should pull the thread.How to make beautiful holes on jeans at home

Despite the ease of implementation, fashionable jeans are obtained. If you wish, you can make several holes, give them a different shape, cut them larger. It is necessary to include fantasy to gain an interesting thing.

Video: how to make holes on jeans with your own hands

After reviewing the video tutorials, where each action is clearly shown, make holes in jeans even easier. This is especially necessary for beginners when there is not enough experience in this type of skill.

Despite the fact that it is very easy to make holes, there are several tips that will help not to spoil a thing, but to transform old jeans into a fashionable and stylish model. The main thing is not to rush to make large slots, since they can always be enlarged if desired, and it is unlikely to be reduced. In addition, during socks and washing, the holes become larger.

You can see how to make holes on jeans with your own hands on video.

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