How to make a web?

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How to make a web?

Probably every boy who is fan of Spider-Man, at least once asked his parents to make him a web, and they began to puzzle over how this can be done. But it was not only the parents of the boys who thought about this, but also those who wanted to decorate their home, for example, to Halloween. So how to make a web to please both the child and yourself?

There are lots of videos on the Internet - how to make a web, as well as a lot of instructions, some of them will be given below.

Making a web with your own hands

First easy way

The easiest option of how to make a web with your own hands is to use ordinary or synthetic threads and find 40 minutes of free time. The size of the web can be any, depending on what it will be used for - for a small decoration or for the decoration of the entire window.

First of all, it will need a frame. Make the intersection of two threads of the desired length, then add a few more - the number of threads in the frame will depend on the height of the cobweb. All of them must intersect at one point.It will turn out something like a snowflake.

Now proceed to weave rings. Take a long string and bend it in half. All threads will be attached to the frame with a special knot. Slip the loop over the skeleton, and slide the remaining end into the loop and tighten. Do this, bypassing all the threads of the frame, so get the first ring. The rest will be done on the same principle.

So the web is ready! At will it can be decorated with spiders or bats.

Second simple way

This method will be quite non-standard (the web is made of foil), but easy. First of all, eight thick bundles of desired length are twisted out of foil. Then the center is made by connecting the ends of the blanks. The next step is that several thin flagella are twisted out of the foil and, slightly departing from the center, they connect the base of thick strands. Web is ready. Now we decorate it with all sorts of insects, which can also be made of foil, and hang it.

Spiderman Web

How to make Spider-Man's web at home? After all, it is quite different from the usual one - first of all in that it has even, neat forms and black color.Before a string of New Year's parties, the child may begin to molest you with a request to create a carnival costume. And since bunnies and chanterelles may not be interesting to him, Spiderman with all the appropriate elements may become one of the variants of the image. Of course, only the Spiderman itself will make the best web, but you can try it too.

If you need to learn how to make not just a web, but how to make the web of Spider-Man, you should say about the easiest and most interesting way - to buy a liquid web. It is sold in a can and, if you have a special blaster, it can even shoot. The advantages of such a web are that it clings tenaciously to any object and moves easily through the air.

And if you take more standard methods, then the Spider-Man web can be done according to the instructions that have already been given above. Of course, it will not fly, but it will look very good. You can attach such a web anywhere — say, to decorate her child’s costume by placing it in the middle of your chest, or you can place it on the wall if you organize a children's home party in costumes.

How to make a spider web in landscape design

This decoration can easily be used not only at home, but also on the street, for example, in the country. Although the real web there will not be uncommon, artificial can also be useful.

For this, it is best to use the same synthetic threads, which have already been mentioned above. They do not persist after rain and do not sag in dampness. The color is best chosen for the environment, then your web will not immediately catch the eye, which means it will make a great impression on the one who suddenly sees it.

How to make a spider web for pastry?

The web can be used not only in the decoration of the premises, but also as a tasty decoration for cakes. The best option is to use icing - the sugar-protein mass, with which you can create incredible laces and spider webs, after creating their stencils. A detailed recipe for making icing can be found on culinary sites.

It is worth saying that for each version of the web, you can add decoration elements. If it was done on Halloween, then bats, spiders and other elements of horror stories will look great on it.For the country house also suitable spiders and other insects. And if you made Spiderman's web for the child, then it can be mounted not only on the wall, but also on the costume itself, if, of course, to make it the right size.

So, how to make a spider web, now you know, and that means that it remains only to realize it! Good luck!

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