How to make a St. George ribbon in kanzashi style

St. George Ribbon - is the central symbol of an important holiday of Victory Day. Such a striped path must be every member of the Parade or Procession of the Immortal Regiment, scheduled celebrations will be held in each city on May 9.

To make an accessory that is not like the others, use the popular kanzashi technique. St. George's loop can be made in the form of a brooch decorated with a delicate cream-colored flower. If you are interested in the version of the accessory shown in the final photo, then buy everything you need for work and begin the creative process.

St. George-style ribbon

Kanzashi-style St. George ribbon

To repeat the proposed version of the winning accessory, take:

  • 1 track of St. George with a St. George ornament - parameters of a strip 4 * 25 cm;
  • a gold-colored tire (optional, you can not use it or replace it with a thin brocade tape) - about 10 cm;
  • metal brooch mount.

For a delicate flower arrangement:

  • 9 square segments of cream colored satin ribbon - parameters of squares 5 * 5 cm (from these fragments petals will be made for the flower and for the buds);
  • 5 square segments of bright yellow ribbon - smaller sizes 2.5 * 2.5 cm (these fragments will make petals for the inside of the flower);
  • 2 pieces of a rectangular shape of green satin ribbon - parameters of bands 2.5 * 10 cm (for separating green petals you will also need a wood burner);
  • small stamens of yellow and white - two bunches (an arbitrary number of heads);
  • 4 pieces of narrow golden brocade ribbon - strip lengths 0.5 * 5 cm;
  • green felt base for the whole composition with a diameter of 3 cm.

The proposed decoration will fit the Victory Parade, and the bouquet itself is an independent accessory that can be made the basis for hairpins. The product is aimed at those who already have experience with satin ribbon.For beginners, the most responsible will be the scorching procedure of a gentle atlas lighter.

The floral composition will consist of a flower (for it you need to model the cream and yellow smaller-sized inverted petals), two buds (each of them will have 2 cream-colored petals). Focus on the above list and immediately prepare for work everything you need, so that in a creative impulse not to be distracted by trifles. Tools for making blanks need ordinary: scissors, lighter, heat gun and wood burner.

Turn the two prepared 10 cm of green atlas pieces into a special glued form with the help of a burner. This can be done if you bend the strip in half, then cut diagonally with hot metal. The result is two models that will be needed for buds and for ordinary pointed sheets.

To form a convex petal of cream squares, bend them diagonally, then again in the center. Secure the sharp corners and squeeze the inside out.

With the corners closed, cut the bottom of the ribbon to make the part flatter. And then unscrew it.

Make 9 cream and 5 bright yellow (smaller) petals in the same pattern.

Glue 5 cream petals around the circumference, and also glue together 5 bright yellow parts, laying white stamens in the middle. Combine 2 cream petals into buds, insert them into the green sepals.

Glue the yellow layer on the cream, so you get an elegant unusual flower. Form the golden eyelets from the brocade. Connect them with bouquets of white and yellow stamens. Stick on the green leaves of the second species, close the side corners.

Glue all prepared parts onto a felt base. Add an additional couple of gold loops.

Glue the obtained decoration to the St. George basis.

Glue a gold tire to the ends of the striped track, if available.

A wonderful accessory is ready for May 9.

Learn this lesson and act - model, create, master new types of needlework. It is also possible to attach to the clip to decorate hair, which will look quite creative.

The author of the master class is Svetlana Sorokina.

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