How to make a private complaint

Ask if you can serve privatethe complaint�in a particular case. Such a form of protest against the actions of a judge is admissible if the case is considered in the court of first instance, for example, in the world. You can also complain if the judge wrongfully, in your opinion, refused to initiate a criminal case, or awarded you a fine. In case you do not agree with the verdict of the court, then you should notthe complaint, and appeal.
Write the text of the complaint. It must contain the surname, name and patronymic of the person applying, his address. The following is the essence of your complaint. It is desirable not only to express your emotional state, but also to refer to specific laws and regulations that, in your opinion, do not correspond to the decision of the judge. After that write what solution of your problem you want to achieve. At the bottom of the text will need to put a date and signature.Also, the text can be attached documents confirming the correctness of your position.
If you are afraid that you will not be able to write legally competentthe complaint�yourself, consult a lawyer. He will help you make the necessary text. In the role of such a lawyer can be a lawyer representing your interests during the process with the contested decision of the judge.
Passthe complaint�and documents to the court of higher authority. For example, for a magistrate, this will be a district court. You can go there personally in the office hours or send a package of documents by mail. In the latter case, it is desirable to send them by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

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