How to make a paper crown on origami technique

How to make a paper crown on origami techniqueImages of princesses and queens to this day remain the most common and are very popular among adults and children. That is why we will tell you how to make a paper crown with your own hands. This craft will be a wonderful addition to your costume.


For the manufacture we need:


  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • yellow paper (48 sheets);
  • red paper (6 sheets);
  • white paper (2 sheets);


The entire crown consists of paper modules. They need to prepare in advance.


How to make a module


  • Take the A4 sheet and add it in length to get 8 equal parts.
  • Its broad part can be divided in two ways: into three or four parts. In the first version, you will have 32 modules, in the second version, 24 modules.


1. It is necessary to cut the sheet into rectangles.
2. Bend them in the middle.
3. Bend in half again, as shown in the photo.
4. We wrap both sides to the line in the middle.
5. Turn the workpiece over.
6. We wrap the inside corners.
7. Now we fold up the strips as in the photo.We have an open module.
8. Fold them in half. On the one hand, the modules have pockets, and on the other, angles.


As a result, you should have 84 red, 30 white and 760 yellow. Each of the pre-prepared modules simply fold one to one. And due to its shape, it perfectly keeps without any additional fixings.


Now we will visually analyze how to make a paper crown using detailed photos.


1. Fold the first two rows of 120 yellow modules. 60 in each.
2. Lower the corners of the first row down, and the second - up.
3. Fold the third row of 60 modules.
4. In the fourth row through every 4 yellow modules add, alternating red and white. In total, 6 white, 6 red and 48 yellow modules should be produced.
5. In the fifth row, add not one module with a different color, but two. You will get 12 red and white modules and 36 yellow ones.
6. The sixth row is exactly the fourth.
7. In the seventh row only the yellow module, their 60.
8. The eighth row consists of 60 yellow modules, in which every 8 of them are put on backwards.
9. Make the same detail as in the photo. You will need 31 modules for it.
10. Total details should be 6.Each of them is opposite each other.
11. Now you need to put the cloves of the crown. In the first row there will be 6 yellow and in the middle 1 red module.
12. In the next row for 1 red module more.
13. Now there are 1 yellow, 2 red, 1 white, 2 red, and 1 yellow color modules.
14. After that 1 yellow, 2 red and 1 yellow modules.
15. The last three rows conclude. For them, alternate the modules as shown in the picture.


Now proceed to make the ball, which is at the crown of the crown:


1. In the first and second row of 8 modules. After you have stacked them, the workpiece must be turned inside out. The finished ball is attached with glue to the very top of the crown.


Now everything is ready!


To prevent the crown from breaking up, it is better to process each of its elements with PVA glue.


Thanks to the master class, now you know how to make an Origami paper crown without much effort. And, although the work is done quite simply, it looks very original! Due to the ideal, pre-thoughtful, combination of colors, the crown does not need additional decor.

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