How to make a little book yourself

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The little girl's book with her own hands.

A book-baby is usually called a book that is intended for the youngest - children do not read yet, but leaf through, touch, look at and get used to this form - the form of a book. You can buy such baby books in the children's departments of bookstores and in the usual baby goods stores, but making your child such a toy book with their own hands is a special pleasure. Interesting tips for making you help.


We make a little book with our own hands



If the baby still not only does not know how to read, but is not particularly keen when parents read it, this does not mean that it is too early to accustom him to books and reading. A cloth book is good because it doesn’t tear, you can wash it, a child can nibble it, and most importantly, you can play with it, you can pull it and pick it. For mom, it is important that such a book also develops a baby.

To make a book-baby with your own hands, you do not need special skills in sewing, rather you will need observation and attention (to say with certainty what your child will be interested in), as well as fantasy.

The book as a result is sheets that are stapled or otherwise fastened together, which are made of cloth squares with a synthetic polyester or rigid layer (for a rigid form, you can use kitchen plastic napkins or thick plastic wrap that can be found in hardware stores). You can fasten the sheets to each other with eyelets, velcro or any other method you think of.


When making sheets, use a variety of materials: different to the touch fabric, buttons of bright colors and sizes, buttons, velcro, ribbons, ties, appliques. Instead of using padding polyester, you can put peas, buckwheat or other cereal inside some sheets, and then quilting this sheet with several lines on a typewriter - such a filler develops fine motor skills of the baby and is an environmentally friendly material.

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The plot of each page should be clear to the child, use images of such objects and phenomena that the child sees every day (car, house, tree, sun, etc.) For the development of the child, you can devote individual pages to the study of colors, geometric shapes,tangible properties of different objects. For example, make different applications: chicken - from fur, kitten - from fleece, shoes - from skin.

The book should be not only useful, but first and foremost safe. All details of the book should be very firmly sewn. Children of such a small age often all pull in the mouth, so do not use materials of dubious production - they can be painted, be toxic.

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