How to Make a Halloween House

There are lots of ways you can decorate your house without spending a lot of money. You can use things that you already have: it is all about adding in stuff and changing them. You'll be amazed by the difference a green or red light bulb can make for your room! Here are some ideas of decorating that may help your home look brighter and festive.


  1. Halloween party is all about creating a mysterious, creepy, dark atmosphere.An easy place to start is with lighting. This can be easily achieved by simply changing out your normal light bulbs for coloured ones. Green and Red seem to be the colours that work the best, blue looks a bit washed out. Black or Purple bulbs are also great for spooky effects. You can buy any of these from many supermarkets. Place some of them in the main room and some in table lamps. You’ll be amazed at the difference it creates.
  2. Try to transport your house back in time.Let’s face it nobody ever really imagines Halloween being set in modern times!
  3. Some of the furniture may need moving out just to create extra space.What’s left can be transformed by throwing over a white sheet, dust covers like you observe in all the movies.
  4. There are also some really great and fun things you can get to transform the everyday objects in your house into interesting Halloween pieces!Check out this Refrigerator Door Cover. With this on your Bathroom Door your guests will never have to ask for directions.
  5. To welcome your guests how about these Zombie Attack window decorations.
  6. Here we re-create a set dining table as if it’s just been left all dusty and forgotten forever.
  7. To help you along with your party decorating ideas, see if you or family and friends have any old and unwanted dining set or odd plates, cutlery and wine glasses.Then you can either get a can of spray glue and spray the objects followed by sprinkling the dust over (you can get this from your vacuum cleaner) or you can buy textured spray which if used heavily creates a sandstone like gritty finish but if used sparingly will look almost like dust.By selecting the vacuum cleaner option means that with a quick wash you can use all the dishes again. Anyway sprinkle the dust over the dining sets and the tablecloth.
  8. Add some candle holders or wine bottles with candles jammed on the top.Green Bottles look the best as the wax shows up better against the green glass. Make sure you let a good amount of wax flow down the bottles or holders, the wax looks really great and helps to set the scene in action.
  9. It would be fun to have the odd guest at the table but this maybe only appropriate for older children.Be the judge of horrors you think your children and guests can handle.
  10. Here you need to employ the skills of a Guy Fawkes or Scarecrow maker to create our Zombie dining guest, this is definitely something the kids, especially teenagers enjoy doing.
    • Its time to get one of dad’s old suits and stuff it with straw or old clothes.
    • Make a round head shape with a balloon or ball (anything will do to as long as its head shaped).
    • You could get a Halloween mask for the face and use a party wig or a hat for the head. You can make your guest as gruesome as you want.
    • Tear up the clothes make them look old and worn with a bit gray and bit of blood and slim doesn’t go amiss.
    • Pop them on one of the chairs at your dining table and you have a zombie dining guest, create more and have a whole party of dining zombies.
  11. This could be you on guests buffet table with the party food on the table.Some of their food could be a real eye opener too, but that’s for later...
  12. A really simple and effective party decorating ideas is to have groups of black bats flying across your walls and ceiling.We did this for my 8 years old Halloween Party and the effect was great, the kids and parents loved it!
    • Make a couple of templates in different sizes ranging from small to large. The easiest way is to fold a piece of paper in half and draw out half a bat and then when you’re happy with the opened shape use this as a template to create the rest using black paper. Then simply place on the walls and ceilings using blue tack. It looks especially effective when the bats flock across a wall and into the corner of the room and up onto the ceiling.

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