How to make a fiery inscription

You will need
  • - Adobe Photoshop graphic editor.
Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop. Select the menu item "File", "New ...", or press the key combination Ctrl + N. In the "New" dialog, in the "Width" and "Height" fields, enter the preferred width and height of the image. In the "Color Mode" list, select "RGB Color". Click "OK."
Create a white text image on a black background. Choose black foreground color. Activate the tool "Paint Bucket Tool" by clicking on the corresponding toolbar button. Fill the entire document area with black color by clicking the mouse on any of its areas. Choose white foreground color. Activate the tool "Horizontal Type Tool". Set the appropriate typeface and font size by selecting the appropriate items in the lists in the top toolbar. Click with the mouse in any area of ​​the image. Enter text. Activate the "Move Tool". Arrange the text in a convenient way by moving it. Select the menu item "Layer" and "Merge Down" or press Ctrl + E.
Rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise. In the menu, select "Image", "Rotate Canvas", "90˚ CW".
Apply the "Wind" filter to the image three times. Use the menu items "Filter", "Stylize", "Wind". In the displayed dialog in the "Method" group, activate the "Wind" switch, and in the "Direction" group - the "From the Left" switch. Click "OK." Perform this operation two more times.
Rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise. In the menu, select "Image", "Rotate Canvas", "90˚ CCW".
Apply a Diffuse filter to the image. Select the menu items "Filter", "Stylize", "Diffuse ...". In the filter settings dialog, set the "Mode" switch to "Normal". Click "OK."
Apply a blur effect to the image. Use the menu items "Filter", "Blur", "Gaussian Blur ..." to activate the filter. In the "Radius" field, enter a value in the range 1.0-2.0. Click "OK."
Apply the Ripple filter. In the application's main menu, select "Filter", "Distort", "Ripple ...". In the "Ripple" dialog, in the "Amount" field, enter the value 100. In the "Size" list, select the value "Medium". Click "OK."
Make the image of the inscription color. Press the key combination Ctrl + U, or click on the menu items "Image", "Adjustments", "Hu Hu / Saturation ...". In the "Huet / Saturation" dialog, select the "Colorize" radio button. Move the "Saturation" slider to achieve the desired saturation of the "flame" color. You can also change the value of the "Hue" field to give the image the desired shade.Click "OK." On this creation of a fiery inscription can be considered complete.

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