How to make a candle with your own hands?

When there is no peace in your soul - light a candle for the joy of people! Let not the golden light fades, and forget all the adversities!

A beautiful little light is always able to disperse the most difficult and vague thoughts; by its light everything seems real, sincere and sincere: any confession, simple conversation or even a look colored by the warm light of a candle has its own peculiar notes.

Perhaps that is why a candle has long been considered an excellent gift that carries both aesthetic pleasure and practical value.

Show imagination

After all, such a souvenir can remain a bright emotion for many years, if you put a candle on the shelf and just admire it, or it can burn with a bright flash in a few hours, leaving only pleasant and warm emotions in your mind.

Of course, if you go to a specialty store of souvenirs and similar trifles, then you can find the most diverse and numerous options for candles, but the gift is doubly pleasant if it is made with your own hands.

It turns out that the independent manufacture of candles is not such a complicated and impossible undertaking, on the contrary, if you understand, you will understand that there is nothing complicated here.

Most often, those who try to engage in the manufacture of candles, completely drawn into this exciting and creative business, moreover, the more often you practice, the more interesting and professional products are obtained.

Self-production of candles is a very low-cost exercise, which allows you to save a considerable amount of money, compared to if you bought the finished product in a store, while receiving a lot of pleasure.

In order to understand how a beautiful candle can be made at home, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with what will help you to fulfill such a creative and original idea. The amount of materials will depend on the depth of your imagination, usually their number is rather limited and easily accessible in stores or home "chests".

What is useful for creating candles?

To begin with, we'll figure it out with the handy stuff that helps to give your candle the right shape: it's a normal pan that will be used to create a water bath.

It is also useful some kind of vessel in which wax or paraffin will melt, so it is better to choose such a vessel, which will not be a pity, since it is difficult to wash it from paraffin or wax.

We take into account the fact that this vessel should be fire-resistant, the best option is the usual can, which is curved so that a small spout is formed, through which the material will overflow.

By the way, about the material. As you probably guess, any candle is 99% wax, or paraffin, or special helium. All these substances can be purchased in specialized stores or found on thematic sites on the Internet, this is not a problem.

The decoration may be different

The main thing is to keep in mind that wax is a rather complicated material, to work with which it is better to start after the experience with lighter and more pliable materials, for example, with paraffin, and even easier is to use old home-made candlesticks or purchase ordinary household candles.

The next moment, which will surely interest you, is what a candle wick is made of? Usually for these purposes they use ordinary paper threads from 100% cotton, they burn longer and do not emit unpleasant odors.Very interesting in the finished candles look multicolored filament-floss, they just get it, so they are most often used.

To give your candles a special color and character, they need to be decorated and give certain shades and tones: such candles will not only please with the warmth of their light, but also produce an impressive effect with their beautiful and unusual appearance.

To give them a certain color most often they use ordinary children's wax crayons, it is best to dwell on the softest options, since they dissolve more easily and paint the melted mass more evenly.

Small souvenir

Some craftsmen manage to use lipstick and eye shadow for such purposes; this is, of course, also a good option, if you just don’t feel sorry for them. And the last option - coloring with the help of special pigments, they have the form of tablets, can have a variety of colors and shades, which allows you to create very juicy and bright compositions.

In order to make a candle with your own hands, you need to understand not only where and what materials to take, but also learn how to use them correctly.This, for example, relates to the wick, depending on the correctness of its twisting, your candle will either burn for a long time and brightly, or it will constantly go out.

For example, if you use paraffin or gel as the base material, then it is better to use thin, tightly twisted threads for them. But for wax candles, it is better to choose a thick wick, which can be weaved with a "pigtail" without tightening the threads.

Also take care of special tins, which will give your candle a basic shape and appearance. Here, virtually any dishware that is not a pity and which is able to withstand high temperatures may suit: yogurt molds, creams, children's paschka or bakeware, bottles and small bubbles.

In order to give your candle not only a pretty appearance, but also a pleasant aromatic content, you can add droplets of essential oils to the total mass, the smell of which should match the look of your candle. For example, the aroma of mint or lime corresponds to the pale green hues of candles, while vanilla or berry smells will “ask” for warm shades.

How to make your first candle?

Material can be different

  • Prepare the form: we will use a regular cup of yogurt, the easiest way. We make a small hole in its bottom, where we pass the future wick, we tie it in a knot. Now we stretch the thread of the wick exactly in the center, after which we fix the match on the opposite surface of the cup, on which we tied our wick with a knot again, thereby fixing it.
  • We melt paraffin on the water bath, drip in the same essential oils, rub the dyes, mix everything thoroughly and achieve a homogeneous mass. The melted paraffin is poured into the prepared container, better in parts, so a smaller amount of melted mass will flow out of the lower hole. And in order to reduce this factor even more, we put the mold in a vessel filled with water at 1.5-2 cm, this will not allow the hot paraffin to leave your form.
  • When all the layers of paraffin are filled, leave the candle to reach room temperature, then remove the match on which the wick was fixed, and little by little holding it, we take out the candle of their shape. Sometimes it is quite difficult to get it, then you have to cut the form.
  • How to decorate a candle? This is what your imagination is enough for.Coffee beans, decoupage, beads, plant twigs and flower petals, special stickers. Especially beautiful are helium candles, in which everything is literally "seen through" through.
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