How to lighten hair with honey

You will need
  • - honey
  • - lemon juice,
  • - Burr oil.
Lighten uphairfor a couple of toneshoneycan be without harm, and the effect of such a procedure is similar to lamination:hairLook well groomed and shiny. Keep in mind that this method is suitable only for naturally bright girls, brunettes should not rely on such a procedure. The effect of the brightening agent releasedhoneyIt resembles the "work" of hydrogen peroxide, but honey exposure is very useful for hair and scalp. Honey contains a large amount of minerals and beneficial trace elements.
Lighten uphairhoney- This is a fairly simple way. Any honey will do, but it is considered the best among the flowers of acacia. Liquid honey is applied to moisturizedhairover the entire length. Hair covered with a film and wrapped with a warming cap or towel. Such a mask is maintained for about 9 hours, so it is best to do this procedure overnight. To increase the brightening effect of honey will help rinsing hair decoction of chamomile flowers. Before the procedure, it is recommended to peel the head.This is a shampoo with a shampoo with salt added.
Lighten uphairhoneyget better if you mix it with other components. Honey works best when it is paired with other natural brighteners. Prepare the composition of a couple of tablespoons of honey, add the same lemon juice and one spoonful of burdock oil. Pound the mixture and apply evenly onhair. Mask stand for about an hour, then washed off with water.
Honey masks are washed off very easily, and the effect of such a procedure is brilliant luxury.hairclarified on several tones.

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