How to learn to type quickly on the keyboard

How to learn fast typing

How to learn fast typing on the keyboard using the program?

It was very cool to have a computer at home 10 years ago. Not everyone could afford such an acquisition. But times are changing and now many people have computers. And some even have a few. And as a result of this, people more and more spend time behind the monitor. The question arises


Why learn quickly typing?



What is it for? The question is rhetorical and everyone has their own answer to it. But it all comes down to saving time. This is the most valuable and irreplaceable indicator. If you wish, you can remember the same film with Justin Timberlake in the title role. The ability to quickly print will allow you to spend more time with family or friends. For some people learn how to quickly print just a production need. These are beginner secretaries or copywriters.

typing on the keyboard

Quickly type on the keyboard you need to be able to each, to save time on typing.


Therefore, let us more quickly begin to consider the main issue of this article - how to type quickly on the keyboard. Moreover, there is nothing cosmically complex in this process. It takes only time, desire and perseverance. Many users will immediately ask the question how long to learn to type quickly on the keyboard. Nobody can definitely answer it. All people are different. One and a half to two weeks will be enough for someone, and even a few months will not be enough for someone. But if you persevere, then everything will work out.


How to learn to type on the keyboard quickly using the program.



Of the many ways to learn how to print quickly, the blind ten-finger print method is considered the most effective. To develop it there are a number of programs. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but the most popular now is Shahidzhanyanovskaya "Solo on the keyboard." With its help, you can quickly master the blind ten-finger method and learn how to print quickly. The disadvantage of this resource is that not everyone likes the boring and monotonous learning process. Who does not want to learn "Keyboard solo", It may be advisable to pay attention to"VerseQ», «TypingDr" or "Stamina"- also good programs to quickly print.


Everyone wants to quickly achieve tangible results as soon as possible. But do not wait for visible changes in a few days. It does not happen. You should know that learning to type quickly on the keyboard is possible only with everyday hard lessons. Tangible incentive can serve as a periodic test of print speed. It is installed in the shell of any program. But you can check how you learned how to quickly print online on the Internet.


There is another non-standard and somewhat extreme way to learn how to type quickly on the keyboard. To do this, you will have to sacrifice the keyboard and glue or erase all the characters on it. This reduces the temptation to look at the keyboard and during training and during work. At first, the speed will decrease dramatically. But this is only at the beginning of training. A positive result will appear very quickly. As an additional way to the main course, this method will simply not be replaced by those who do not have enough will power to learn to type quickly without looking at the keyboard. On the Internet you can find a lot of videos on this topic. You can see some of them below, the program is shown there to quickly print on the keyboard.



I want to think that by reading this article you were able to answer the question of how to learn to type quickly on the keyboard. And if when typing the eyes are rested on the keyboard, then you should re-read it again and take up training.

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