How to insert yourself in the video?

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How to insert yourself in the video?

Quite often, when viewing various videos, users have a desire to be in the place of his main characters. It should be noted that this is quite realistic. To do this, you can use special programs and insert yourself into the video. This will create a fun parody and drastically change the plot of the video, as well as impressions of its viewing.

Adobe Photoshop

In most cases, the execution of such manipulations is the responsibility of qualified professionals using the appropriate equipment. However, elementary video can be made even through Adobe Photoshop:

  1. Download the program and install it.
  2. Pick up the desired video, as well as a few photos, from which you will cut faces, to continue to use them in your clip. If you need to cut a face from another video file, you will have to take a snapshot during the video playback (stop, capture a frame, and then save it in a special editor).
  3. Cut the face.To do this, you can use the appropriate tools. In Photoshop, this can be done with Lasso. It qualitatively and quickly cuts a picture from photographs.
  4. Paste the resulting image on a transparent background.
  5. Save the results.
  6. Lay out the video into separate frames (choose �File� (File), �Import� (Import) and �Import Video Frames Into Layers�). On each of them it is necessary to apply the cut out earlier image.
  7. Save the video. To do this, click �File� (File) and select �Save as ...� (Save as).

Do not forget that the image in the video will change periodically. To face in the video does not remain static, and the record looked as realistic as possible, it is recommended to choose different photos with different facial expressions in frames.

In order not to notice the contrast between the original image and the superimposed one, the edges of your inserted photo should be retouched. Naturally, you need to choose photos of the same quality as the video.

Use of online services

If you want to figure out how to insert a face into a video, then for such situations you can simply use popular online services (for example, or. They have an intuitive and simple interface.Users there will not have to think a lot and understand the many settings.

Consider their capabilities on the example of

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Upload your own photo from a personal computer or take a photo using a webcam.
  3. Cut the face from the photo using the program presented on the site.
  4. Select one of the suggested clips and insert a snapshot into it.
  5. Save the result to your computer.

All made videos can be downloaded to your PC. One of the drawbacks is the inability to add your videos to the site. The functionality of this online service does not differ much, but it is quite enough to get funny videos. In just a couple of clicks, you can create an interesting video and please yourself and your friends.

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