How to have an abortion?

What is an abortion today everyone knows. This is an artificial abortion. However, many do not know how to do an abortion. Indeed, to date, such operations are different according to the method of their conduct. Let's look at the most basic types of abortion.

Surgical abortion (abrasion)

Such an abortion is considered standard and takes place on the terms of six to twelve weeks and later.

This operation is carried out exclusively in stationary conditions. With the help of special dilators, the doctor reveals the cervix and a curette (a sharp spoon) scrapes the fetus, placenta and uterine mucosa. Therefore, such a procedure can still be called scraping.

An abortion can be done both in a paid clinic and in a free one. But, as an abortion is done for free, I think everyone understands. You should not save on your health, allocate money and come to a reputable clinic to specialist doctors.

How to do a medical abortion

This is a non-surgical type of abortion, it does not involve surgery. Such an abortion is carried out thanks to medicines that a woman takes by mouth to end an unwanted pregnancy. Thus, the risk to the patient's health is minimal.

Medical abortion is done before seven weeks of pregnancy, not later. Usually this type of abortion is painless for a woman.

First, the woman is examined by a gynecologist. The patient takes a smear and carry out an ultrasound, thereby establishing the duration of pregnancy. After taking the drug (most often it is Pencrofton, Mifepristone, Mifegin, etc.), the woman is in the hospital for about two to three hours. Then, within a few days, a rather heavy bleeding can occur. After half a month, a control ultrasound scan and examination by a doctor is carried out to make sure that the entire fetus is “out.” It may happen that the fetus does not come out completely (after all, in fact, there must be a miscarriage). Then experts will suggest a surgical intervention.

How do a mini abortion

Mini abortion is done by a gestation period of up to five weeks, not later. Such an operation is performed using a special vacuum suction. Such an abortion is considered less dangerous than a standard surgical abortion.

First, an ultrasound is done, an examination is carried out by a doctor, the necessary tests are taken. The specialist must make sure that the pregnancy is not ectopic.Otherwise, surgical abortion may be necessary, since vacuum aspiration will not be enough to remove the fetus. The earlier the patient went to the clinic, the better.

Vacuum aspiration can be carried out under both local and general anesthesia. After the immediate abortion procedure, the patient should rest for about half an hour. And in three or four hours a woman can return to her usual life.

After a few days, the patient can detect the discharge that resembles the menstrual flow. This is a normal reaction of the body. It is explained by the fact that the hormonal background of a woman after an abortion varies significantly. Two weeks after the mini-abortion, the patient must see a doctor.

How often can an abortion

Whatever type of abortion is done before, it can be repeated no more than once every six months or a year. After all, it is a great stress for the body; all organs, uterine walls must be fully restored.

There are people who have had one abortion in their entire lives and regret it for the rest of their days.

Whatever type of abortion a woman may resort to, there is still a chance of complications and all kinds of health problems in the future. Plus, abortion is condemned by religion and many members of the society in which we live.Therefore, one should think very well and does not treat this issue frivolously.

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