How to harden children

Hardening procedures are best started at birth. The body of a newborn has a high degree of adaptation, therefore it is easy to adapt to the lifestyle that parents offer to the child. If you missed the neonatal period, then you need to gradually change the lifestyle and mode of the child, giving the body time to get used to the new conditions.
Air baths
Several times a day (optimally after feeding at an air temperature of 20-22 degrees), completely strip the baby and put it in the crib. Start with 2 minutes.
Massage and gymnastics
This is not about professional massage, which the neurologist prescribes courses for specific indications, but about the daily independent exercises that your child needs every day. Learn the simplest complex exercise therapy and 1-2 times a day do it. You can use music, fairy tales, poems, if the child likes it. Or even better to attract dad, who will entertain the baby rattles.
Water treatment
Daily bathing baby - a mandatory event hardening.It is better to use a large bath and start with a temperature of 36 degrees, gradually reducing it. From 2.5-3 months you can bathe your baby in a special circle, which is fixed on the neck.
Walking barefoot
When the child starts walking, be sure to allow him to run at home on a cool floor without socks and shoes. Start with a short time (3-4 minutes) and gradually increase the period. But do not forget that walking on the cool floor is useful, and it is very harmful to sit on it, since the latter can lead to inflammation of the kidneys and bladder.
Walks in the open air
Ideally, they should be daily for at least 4 hours. Just remember the main rule (for a child who barely walks) - a minimum of clothes, not to wrap up! And do not wear a hat if the temperature is above 18 degrees.
Maximum motor activity
Invent and practice mobile educational games, both outdoors and at home.
Feeding by appetite
It is very difficult for us, parents, to believe that a child knows his norm for food. You need to teach yourself to listen to the child's body and feed the child on appetite, not overfeeding him.
Temper your little ones and be healthy!

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