How to handle Business Cards

Treatment of business cardsDo you know how to handle business cards

The biggest mistake you can make when you get a business card from someone is to catch a glimpse of it and put it in your pocket. This is evidence of a dismissive attitude towards a person and his position. Be sure to read the business card completely. You can repeat the name out loud to better remember it. In addition, attentive study of the business card will allow you to know the position of a person in the company and to emphasize respect for the company itself. Be sure to thank for the business card.


How to introduce yourself



There are situations when you have to introduce yourself. If you are waiting in the conference room for the meeting to begin and a new member enters, stand up, reach out and introduce yourself. For example: "Hello, I am John Berry, President of the West Company." In turn, it appears entered: "Good afternoon, Mr. Berry. I am Tatyana Zakharova, Commercial Director of the company South. ”


Always call your name so as not to put your interlocutor in a difficult situation because he does not know what your name is. Introduce yourself during the handshake: "Hello, I am Sergei Ivanov, glad to see you."


This will allow again to introduce himself to the interlocutor. Even if the interlocutor remembers your name and answers: “Hello, Sergey, I remember our last meeting very well!”, Nevertheless, he will feel more confident. Just by repeating your name again, you will avoid a possible awkwardness in communication.


How to memorize names



Good advice for everyone. Many of us have poorly memorized names. If this happens to you, keep a playful excuse at hand: "Forgive for God's sake, for me it's a whole problem! Sometimes I even forget my own name! ”Humor is the best tool in this situation.


Experts believe that the difficulties with memorizing names are caused by information overloads, stresses, weak hearing, and a combination of these factors.


If - oh, horror! - you forgot someone's name, do not faint. This is not the end of the world. Just say, "Sorry, I just forgot your name." The interlocutor will answer: "Yes I am Bill Clinton!" (If, of course, he is Bill Clinton).Then you will answer: "Of course, Bill, let me introduce you to Monica Lewinsky."

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