How to grow wood

�If you look at the photo of the money tree or the bollard, it seems that it is hung with green coins, which look like beautiful round leaves. It is believed that the plant attracts wealth, but only if it is grown by hand. Find out how a fat woman multiplies and whether it is difficult to care for it.

How to grow a tree

To get a new plant, you need to have its leaf or stalk. They can be a little dry and prikopat in the ground or put in the water. In the second case, in a few days you will see thin spines appear. Wait until they are old enough, and plant a new tree in the ground.

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Damaged or diseased leaflets on the wood must be removed.
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The fat woman grows quite quickly and in rare cases can reach a meter in height. Therefore, it needs a massive and stable low pot. It is not necessary to immediately plant the plant in a large container, because approximately every 2 years it will be necessary to replant it.Do it better in the spring. Heat and sunlight will help him recover from this painful procedure.

Some varieties of fathead can be given a stab form, removing the lateral processes from the bottom to obtain a bare trunk and cutting the top to form a magnificent crown. The tree will look more impressive.

How to care for a tree

This plant in nature is found in hot and arid areas, and its fleshy leaves are necessary for the preservation of moisture reserves. To the sweaty woman was comfortable on the windowsill, when caring for her you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Watering. It should not be abundant and is performed no more than 2 times a week in summer and as the soil dries in a pot in winter.
  • Lighting. The plant needs a lot of light, but direct sunlight is contraindicated. It is better to place it in the summer on the windowsill, facing south-east, and in the winter to move to the south side, in warm weather, take it out to fresh air, putting it in a shaded place.
  • Top dressing. For the money tree is suitable turf or universal soil, in which when watering should make special fertilizer for succulent.
  • Temperature.In the summer, heat will be optimal for it from +18 to + 25 � C, and in winter it is advisable to arrange a hibernation time, providing a temperature of about + 5 � C.

The correct care can be judged by the appearance of the leaves. If they have lost their luster, darkened or stained, it means that watering is insufficient, and when they become pale and lethargic, it is excessive. The lack of moisture leads to the fact that the plant sheds leaves.

Of course, the sweetie will not be able to affect the improvement of material well-being, but she will make the room more comfortable and deliver a lot of positive emotions. This tree cleans the air in the room well and has a beneficial effect on the human body.

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