How to grow parsley: planting and care

You can grow parsley of two types - leaf and root. Only greens are used for food, and the root is distinguished by a powerful root vegetable, which is used for pickles and sauces. Green parsley root can also be used, but plucked it only when the root is fully ripe, otherwise it will be small.

How to plant parsley

Parsley is unpretentious to light, it can grow in half-shaded places, but in the sun the harvest will be much higher.

You can not grow parsley after the relatives of celery: dill, cilantro, cumin and carrots. For planting parsley after them must be at least four years old, however, and all celery after parsley is planted later this time. The best predecessors will be potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, cucumbers.

Parsley should be planted in the second half of April, in loose soil with normal or slightly increased acidity.It would be better if the beds were prepared in the fall, adding humus to them when digging (3-4 kg per 1 square meter). In the spring you need to add mineral fertilizers.

It is best to grow parsley on the beds with a row spacing of 15-20 cm. Seeds are pre-soaked for a day in water, or kept in hot water in a gauze bag for half an hour and then dried to a friable state. Some gardeners soak parsley seeds for 4 hours in milk for quick germination. Dry seeds will sprout long and unfriendly, a week later than soaked.

Dried seeds are sown in the grooves no deeper than two centimeters, preferably 0.5 to 1. After planting, they should be watered and the ground should be slightly compacted or compacted with a board. Crops to preserve moisture, it is desirable to cover with polyethylene. After 10 - 14 days, shoots will appear.

It is best to grow parsley from dry seeds before winter, sowing them directly in frozen soil.Parsley can be sown every week or two until the end of July, almost all summer.

How to care for parsley

Growing parsley is not troublesome; care is mainly about watering, weeding, loosening the soil and weed control.You will cut the leaf parsley into greens, so thinning will occur in a natural way. But this does not apply to the root parsley, with insufficient thinning of the roots will be small. In the heat of the plant will stop growing, the leaves will begin to grow coarse, but at the same time the concentration of essential oils will increase, and therefore the roots and leaves will become more fragrant.

When cutting parsley, leave 4-5 centimeter scapes. You can add nitrogen fertilizers a couple of times per season. Complex fertilizers are desirable to make at the beginning of the growing season under horse parsley.

Parsley enemies: stem nematode, melon aphid, white rot, rust, white spot, carrot fly, carrot leaflet. Monitor the condition of the leaves of the plant to prevent yield loss.

Harvesting, storage

The time for harvesting the root parsley is September. The leaves are cut, and the roots are stored like carrots - in the cellar or in the refrigerator. You can leave part of the roots in the ground, then in early spring will get fresh greens. If the small roots are planted in pots, then you can grow parsley on the windowsill, even in winter.

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