How to grow old paper

How to grow old paperWant to write a mysterious message, draw a treasure map, or make an interesting postcard? For this, it is best to use aged sheets of paper. They will look original, beautiful and at the same time slightly mysterious.
Learn how to make paper yourself at home. You can do this in a few simple and fast ways.

How to get old coffee paper baking


  1. Take a plain sheet of A4 paper or another size.
  2. Make coffee. For a more saturated color, you can also use coffee grounds. Wait until the liquid has cooled down so that you do not burn your fingers on it while working.
  3. Now you need to take the form for baking the right size. Put there a sheet that you plan to age. At the same time it should be placed completely on all sides, without looking.

    How to get old coffee paper baking

  4. Add some ordinary water to the container, creating a small puddle under the sheet. Please note that it should not be covered with water completely.How to get old coffee paper baking
  5. Begin to pour the reagent into the mold.It is advisable to add coffee not in the center, but from the corner of the container so that it does not fall directly on the leaf.
  6. Leave paper in the tins for 5 minutes, so it is well soaked. Make sure that the liquid is on the entire surface. If necessary, add some more coffee to a specific area with a spoon.
  7. At this time, start heating the oven to 90 degrees. While the paper is soaked, the oven will reach the desired temperature.How to get old coffee paper baking
  8. Lightly press on the paper with your fingers so that it adheres to the form. Then you need to drain the excess fluid by tilting the container over the sink. If you have another form of a suitable size, you can shift the paper in it.
  9. If you want to add special features to the paper - scratches or uneven edges, you can do it right before baking. While the leaf is soaked, it will be better to succumb to various influences. Try to hold a fingernail in some places to create scratches, or make prints with hard objects, tear the edges of the paper in several places.
  10. A mold with prepared material put in the oven, it is desirable to mark it in the middle.
  11. Bake the leaf for 5-7 minutes.At the same time watch how paper changes during heating. As soon as its corners begin to curl, you can turn off the oven and remove the leaf.
  12. After you get the paper out of the oven, wait until it cools down. It will take about 15 minutes.
  13. Your aged paper is ready! You can start writing or drawing a postcard on it.

How to make an aged paper - a drawing method
You can also use regular tea as a reagent for this method. Dip a bag in warm water several times to get a bright dye. If you want a richer shade, you can make a strong brew of black tea.
There are also other ways to quickly artificially age paper, videos and photos of these options you can easily find on the Internet. For example, you can influence the sheet with fire or reheat it on an electric stove. But with such methods you need to be extremely careful, they can hardly be called safe.


How to make an aged paper - a drawing method


  1. Make black tea or coffee. Keep in mind that coffee can give a leaf a brownish tint, and tea - more yellow.
  2. Place a plain sheet of paper on a flat surface.
  3. Take a thick brush for drawing, dip it in the brewed coffee and apply the liquid with strokes on the piece.How to make an aged paper - a drawing method
  4. If you want to paint paper with tea, you can feel free to use a tea bag for this. First you need to take it out of the cup where the drink was brewed, then start smearing it with a leaf. Then dip it in tea and continue drawing.
  5. As soon as you decide that the paper has acquired the desired color and pattern, you can begin to dry it. To do this, just leave it for 20 minutes or dry with a hairdryer.

How to make an aged paper - a drawing method
Now you know how to age a piece of paper with coffee and tea and feel free to start creating beautiful vintage sheets. The process itself will not take much time, and very soon you will get the finished result.
Both in real life and in the photo and in the cinema, aged paper looks very beautiful, it will help give your message a mysterious and intriguing look. After all, how nice it would be to write on such a sheet lines of a favorite verse with gentle words, or a pleasant wish for a loved one.

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