How to grow eyebrows

With the advent of fashion on wide eyebrows a few years ago, thousands of girls regretted that in the 90s they walked with eyebrows, and believed that it was beautiful. The good news is that growing your eyebrows back is difficult, but possible. It is necessary to be patient (up to six months) and follow our advice.


Correction is necessary, even when you grow eyebrows. With the right hairs grow and those that need to be removed so as not to float form. It is better to entrust this business to a professional, so as not to remove superfluous and not to spoil the symmetry.

Growth stimulation

There are several ways to stimulate eyebrow growth. The first and most obvious is to improve blood microcirculation. To do this, brush your eyebrows with a brush every evening. It is useful to use a scrub that will also improve microcirculation. If you paint eyebrows, then try henna instead of the usual paint. It will seal and strengthen the hair. Before staining, be sure to use a scrub - among other things, the color will be richer.

Brow scrub Lucas Cosmetics

Brow Scrub Lucas Cosmetics (419 rub.)

Oils are important assistants in growing eyebrows. You can use castor, burdock, and butter of ossum.They are sold at any pharmacy, are inexpensive, and work perfectly. Apply the oil with a brush on the eyebrows, at the same time doing a massage, and be patient: in a few months Cara Delevingne will look at you from the mirror.

Brow oil for eyebrows and eyelashes

Brow Oil Oil for eyebrows and eyelashes (390 rub.)

You can use professional tools. Their texture is more pleasant, but the action is about the same. In the composition, in addition to the above listed herbal ingredients, look for caffeine, turin and arginine, stimulating hair growth.

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Alternative methods

If nature did not initially reward you with sable eyebrows or they refuse to grow after many years of plucking, you can use the eyebrow extension service. During the procedure, artificial silk will be attached to each of your hairs, and in the end they will apply a fixing gel. The effect will last from five days to two weeks. There are restrictions: you can not rub brows, you can not sleep face in a pillow, use oils and soap-containing products (they soften the glue).

How to grow eyebrows

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