How to get rid of envy

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Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. It brings one suffering and prevents one from sharing joy, success, well-being with other people. Because of it, terrible crimes and deeds are being committed. If envy does not spill out, it remains inside and eats the person, causing pain to the body and causing hatred, intolerance, despondency. Envy must be controlled. In the opposite case, it will turn people into pathetic, unhappy and dissatisfied creatures.

This sin leaves many negative influences on people. So, envy:

tensions and indecision are born;
takes away ease;
gives rise to indignation and irritation;
forcing things that have never been done;
leads to depression.

Psychologist's Tips: How to Stop Envy

It is impossible to divide envy into white and black, because all envy is the direction of negative thoughts towards the situation or person.
Realize the harm of this vice. During envy, you direct all energy to thoughts that are destructive to a particular person.Sending negative energy, we make ourselves depressed, hardened and tormented by insomnia.

Find negative moments, what you are jealous of. If you have a rich neighbor, and you are jealous of her, then nothing. Analyze and you will see the minuses of her wealth: she does not go to work, she is bored, does not communicate with anyone.
There are qualities you can envy. Find them, then you will respect, love yourself, and stop jealous of others.

Envy manifests itself in other people's talents, appearance, bank accounts and relationships. It is a sad fact, but this vice, along with jealousy, is present in our life and amazes the soul. Therefore, urgently get rid of it. But as?

Concentrate on the positive aspects of life.

One of the main reasons for envy is that everything good that is present in ordinary life is taken for granted. Systematically remember everything that you are grateful to fate. You are healthy, happy, gifted. There are many people around you who are worried about you. Your life is valuable for you and therefore you do not want to live it like many others, and you want to enjoy it and enjoy it. You will begin to envy a little if you are grateful for all the good: for the experience, for the positive people in your environment, for the work.

How to get rid of envy

Pay attention to the fact that you can not have everything.

The ungrateful thing is to constantly compare with others. You will always feel that others are luckier than you. No one can have everything, because we are all living beings. Even people who seem to be the most successful have problems, unsolved problems, weaknesses.

Avoid those people who have the wrong values.

There are many people who constantly adhere to the latest changes in fashion, talking about holidays in exotic countries, about cars, about high wages. If you meet or make friends with such people, you will also want to dress like this and spend time and, comparing your capabilities with their potential, you will definitely have to wait for a trap. Avoid this, because in life there are more valuable things.

Chat with grateful and positive people.

With people who have positive thinking, contact personally, and you can and through the Internet. When you hang out with them, you will feel their spirit and will soon notice that you have become positive, grateful and appreciative people.

Do not give in to advertising.

It makes people have what is present in others.So be careful with advertising tactics.

Enjoy and truly enjoy the good fortune of others.

You want to be successful like others, so rejoice for them. To live is not to compete with each other. When you learn to have fun and exult for others, then you will overcome this disgusting feeling.

How to get rid of envy

Be generous and have a generous soul.

Make generosity and generosity the rule. Give money, time and effort to those in need. Help those who have less of you, and you will feel that envy is leaving.

Compare with yourself, not with others.

Concentrate on how to become successful and better, comparing yourself with past successes and achievements. When building plans and striving for personal success, you will gradually forget to be compared with other people. Work on self-esteem and set a goal in life. Develop quality to become better and better. Work on self-development, make a plan of action, work.

Change your mindset.

You are jealous if you think everyone is using you. But, if your way of thinking changes, you will not be afraid of it. Change your mindset to a positive one, and the world in front of you will open up a lot of opportunities.

Dream and visualize.

Thoughts are material.Many do not know how to dream, and therefore this flaw often occurs. Believe in yourself, use ways to improve your life and do not consider yourself as losers. According to the recommendations of psychologists, use the method of visualization and mentally imagine what you want, then the brain is programmed to succeed.

How to get rid of envy

Leave the comfort zone.

In life, eat every chance. Those people who became successful, they were not afraid to leave the comfort zone and acquired what they wanted. If you feel envy of prosperous people, follow in their footsteps and stop trampling in the same place. Make a commitment to life.

Enjoy your life.

Do not follow the lives of others, do everything that brings you pleasure, happiness, joy. Learn and analyze the world around you. Create your well-being and happiness. Consult others.

Are you jealous of those people who have become successful? Ask them how they do it, learn good things from them. Do not envy, but get advice from lucky people, a lot of useful recommendations.

Get rid of feelings of pity.

The first sign of a loser is self-pity.In order to stop others envy, get rid of self-pity. What does it mean to feel sorry for yourself? It means to make sure of your powerlessness, recognizing yourself as weak. Egoism is born from this feeling, therefore egoists are envious.

How to get rid of envy

Keep in touch and talk to people.

If you do not contact people and are separated from them, then you will envy them. If you envy them, you tune in against them and you will not communicate with them. Your luck together with the successes of others will make this life and this world better. Look at luck so, and you will rejoice over others and not envy them. Do you think that your adversity, jealousy, and foul language humiliate someone? No, you humiliate yourself.

Praise people, tell them kind words.

You can free yourself from jealousy by giving compliments and courtesy to the person you envy. Is it illogical? It has an amazing effect. If your words, compliments seem not sincere, they will still lead to a positive result. Try and see that the action gives rise to feelings, and not vice versa.

Female envy

An ordinary unpleasant feeling of envy is familiar to every person.Female envy is like a powder keg, which can explode at any time without any reason. Women's envy is not understood by members of the stronger sex, but for women this feeling is understandable, because they are more emotional than them.

How to get rid of envy

Stylish girlfriend's hair style, new fashionable clothes or a beautiful necklace can lead to internal destruction of the envious girl, who directs all energy to finding reasons for quibbles. Instead of paying attention to the improvement, self-development and creation of personal life, she spends her energy, energy, health and time to make the object of her envy as painful as possible. And is it worth so much money? Of course no.

Being an object of female envy is unpleasant, because the victim does not feel that behind the jokes of a colleague, the tactlessness of a girlfriend, the reviling of neighbors is envy. Envy harm not only the object of envy, but also the environment. And this is connected with great troubles. How to resist these envious persons and not let them destroy life? For this you need to know simple rules.

Do not talk about your successes, successes, achievements, so as not to annoy the envious.
Speak pleasant words envious of, make them compliments, because many of them - failures, notorious person. By generosity and attention, soften their unfortunate life.
Hint to an envious woman that you notice everything, but do not sink to her level. In the team from time to time talk about envy, as a petty, stupid, obscene feeling. After that, an envious woman does not want to look at her colleagues unsightly.
Try to repel the envoy when another attempt to envy you. Answer her frankly and with a joke, and then she will lose all desire to make an abomination to you, because he will see the absurdity of his demands and claims.

And if she herself has suffered this female envy? What to do? Change the approach to the subject of envy: do not be angry at a successful colleague, consider the reasons for his success. Then, instead of hostility and hatred, get an instructive example for the pursuit of a successful, happy, prosperous life.

How to get rid of envy

How to recognize envious people

The Envious does not speak or cry out for envy of you. He will hide feelings, but will not hide the gestures that reveal this vice. Watch them and you will see signs of envy:

embossed unnatural smile;
stretched lower abdomen;
narrowed eyes, wrinkles on the nose;
clenching fists;
unclean brushes.

In addition to gestures, envious learn by behavior. So, if he criticizes you every time or over-joyfully extols your success, then in all probability he envies you. A person who listens to your luck and shows that he is bored and uninteresting is also a sign of envy. So, trust your intuition and recognize the interlocutor yourself. If in the company of some people you feel discomfort, then by all means cross them out of your life.

It will make life unbearable and lead to poor health. Relax, watch this vice from the side, without any thoughts. It will help. And if you suddenly embrace this negative feeling in relation to a friend, girlfriend, relative, put yourself in their place, feel joy about a long-awaited purchase or a long-planned tourist trip. Imagine that he bought a new apartment or car. Concentrate on the feelings for this person and wish him a happy housewarming or careful driving and tell me that you are happy for his success.

Overcome jealousy and live a quiet life.Stay benevolent, good-natured, positive people. Wish each other good, happiness, success and well-being. Do good, and it will return to you.

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