How to get rid of blue circles under the eyes

The most direct way to solve the problem is rest. If you can not afford this luxury, you can resort to cosmetic products. There is a huge amount of funds as masking circles undereyes, and to prevent their occurrence.
The most common means of masking is the foundation. This is probably the easiest way to solve a problem. You only need to choose a tone that is ideal for your skin and apply the cream on problem areas.
Powder is less common. Of course, it also contributes to the masking of a bluish tint, but do not forget about the health of the skin itself. After all, powder, not having a creamy structure, dries the skin, and the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. In addition, the powder, even with the most accurate application, does not go very smoothly. Thus, the use of powder to disguiselapsundereyesnot only will not give the desired result, but will contribute to the formation of wrinkles.
Another way to deal with the blue circles undereyes- The use of tea compresses. Black and green tea has a positive effect on the skin around the eyes. It is enough to brew the tea in a gauze bandage, then cool it and apply it to the eyes.

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