How to find water in the desert

You will need
  • Polyethylene film.
At first glance, the search for water in the desert is absolutely hopeless. Almost at the zenith of the sun evaporates any moisture, the hot sand seems completely dry. Nevertheless, there are still chances to find water.
Find the highest point and look around the surrounding area. Look for lowlands, dry channels, any signs of relief heterogeneity. Pay attention to the vegetation - if somewhere there are bright spots of greenery or trees, then the groundwater is very close. It is in such places and is to look for water in the first place.
If you managed to find the bed of a dried up stream, your chances of finding water are greatly increased. Choose the lowest place and start digging: first, the ground will be completely dry, then it will begin to gradually humidify - this is a good sign. At a depth of about a meter, make a small depression in the dug pit and wait for it to fill with water.There are chances to find water even when there are only dunes around, you just have to dig a deeper hole. Dig it on the leeward side of the dune.
The sun can help you gather precious moisture. Dig a hole about one meter in diameter and about seventy centimeters deep. If at the bottom of the pit there is a little damp, this is a good sign, but even there seems to be moisture in absolutely dry sand. Cover the pit with polyethylene, putting any container on its bottom. Press the edges of the polyethylene with stones or powder it tightly.
Throw a pebble in the center of the film, it should be located exactly above the container. Evaporating moisture will condense on the film and drain into the container. On this day, you can collect up to one and a half liters of water. It will be more if you throw in a hole, under the film, plucked plants.
Pay attention to any paths, they can lead you to the well. Watch out for the birds, they can hunt around the oasis. Traces of droppings from camels and other pack animals are also a good sign. Try to determine where the animals were moving and go in the same direction.

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