How to find out the number of SNILS online

How to find out the number of SNILS online

SNILS - an important document, insurance certificate of a person in the pension fund system. The data of the SNILS testify to the work experience of a person, which will be taken into account when forming a pension.

As a rule, SNILS is required almost everywhere: at work, in a hospital, and so on. Without this data it is very difficult to obtain the necessary services. Unfortunately, many do not even suspect what the SNILS looks like, but they remember it only with the words "a small green card". Often, there are situations when the number of SNILS is extremely needed, and it is not around, and it is very distressing. That is why many people ask themselves: is it possible to find out your SNILS number via the Internet?

So, let us analyze in more detail, in which cases we may need the data of the SNILS cards.

  • Firstly, to establish the retirement “well-being” of a person.
  • Secondly, for registration on the portal providing public services.
  • Thirdly, SNILS is required at registration of documents for the workplace.

Of course, there are a number of institutions that require information about your retirement account. The third point in this sense is one of the most important, because we all know how our pension is formed in the FIU.

The above points make a person refer to the data of the SNILS. If it is not at hand, people try to find the number of SNILS online.

On a note! By the way, it is worth saying that if you lose an insurance certificate, you will not be able to find the document number via the Internet. You will need to restore SNILS.

So the question is: how to get information about the SNILS number online?

How to find out your number SNILS by last name online?

How to find out the number of SNILS online

Is it possible to find out the number of SNILS on the Internet simply by the person’s last name? Unfortunately no. SNILS is the same personal document as a citizen passport.

Important! For this reason, if you see a website on the Internet that prompts you to enter any data to receive a SNILS number, we advise you to be careful. Of course, if this is not the official website of public services.

In general, if you have previously registered on the website of government services and indicated your SNILS, you can find out his number by last name. What do you need to do?

  1. You need to pass authorization on the website of public services.
  2. Then you can go to the additional section: "Pension savings".
  3. On this page you can request all the necessary information about the existing pension savings. Among other information and various data you will be provided with a number of SNILS. In this case, you will receive the number of SNILS with reference to your surname.

As mentioned earlier, the tab “find out the number of SNILS” on this site you will not find. However, to go the above method and obtain data is possible. It is important to understand that such a move will be successful only if you have already filled in the information necessary for authorization on the site with the indication of the same SNILS number. Otherwise, it will not be possible to bypass the system.

How to find out the number of SNILS on TIN?

How to find out the number of SNILS online

There is also an opinion that it is possible to find out your SNILS number on the Internet using the TIN. We hurry to upset you. Get the number of SNILS using information on the TIN will not work. First of all, it is worth noting that the SNILS and the TIN are two completely different documents that are virtually unrelated to each other. SNILS - the insurance certificate, and the TIN - the taxpayer.Where there was information that information on the SNILS number on the Internet can be obtained with the help of the INN is unknown.

No matter how hard a person tries, bypassing the system is not so easy. SNILS is a very important document. The Pension Fund did not plan and, it seems, in the near future, it does not plan to create such a service so that a person can find out the number of his “green card” on the Internet.

How to find out the number of SNILS passport?

How to find out the number of SNILS online

Many people believe that access to any information related to a citizen is possible with passport data. The question is: is this so? The answer, unfortunately, will not please you again. Passport details are valid only if the individual applies to a citizen in any of the departments of the pension fund. What does it mean?

Undoubtedly, the pension fund has its own database in which full information is stored with the listing of the SNILS numbers of each citizen. However, to obtain this information, you must apply directly to the nearest department. This is where you will need your passport.

For reference! The fact is that this information is open to the citizen only with a personal appeal.You can not get information about the SNILS number on this database on the Internet. Employees of any pension fund simply do not provide such services there.

Ways to know the SNILS number

What to do if getting information about the SNILS number is so important? This is a question that really excites many. With a document confirming your identity, you can apply to the nearest pension office. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to get information about the SNILS number on the Internet (except for the case when you yourself indicated this number on the public services portal). That is why it is always important to keep this document with you, and in case of its loss, immediately contact the appropriate authorities.

You can also find out information about your SNILS number by contacting your place of work. The employer is obliged to provide you with this information if, when applying for a job, you left the data of the SNILS card. Be sure your colleagues will be able to help you with this without difficulty.

Tip! In order not to ask such questions anymore, we advise you to have a special box in which important documents for you could be stored.Believe me, in this case, the search and collection of documents will not take so much time. You will spend a lot more time, effort and nerves to restore any lost data.

How to find out the number of SNILS online

So now you know which methods will help you find out your SNILS number, and which ones will turn out to be completely useless in this matter. Take care of your personal data and always keep documents at hand!

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