How to find a good job?


The question of how to find a decent place of work concerns not only yesterday's students. Sooner or later, many of us need a change of job or business for various reasons. Whatever they may be, but the search process is always complicated. This will require a lot of patience and free time. The task is complicated if you want to find not just a job, but with a decent pay.

How to find a good job?

Before you begin the search, it is important to determine the goals and desires. Understand what you want from a new job. But it is still important to know the signs of scammers.

How not to get on scammers

So, how to find a job when you look for a scam? What should I look for? When you attend the first interview, it is important to be attentive. And never believe that outsiders are willing to sacrifice something to help you, even if they seem to be nice. You should be alerted if:

The office does not look comfortable. On the shelves of cabinets there are no documents, bare walls, no office equipment, household plants and cozy little things on the tables of workers.These signs indicate that the premises were rented for a short period;
requirements are noticeably lower than wages. The employer establishes a high pay, but does not require any skills and experience;

Fraudsters are always eager to lull the applicant's vigilance with affectionate appeal. But you should be alarmed by all suspicious.

They talk kindly to you, agree to a compromise, begin conversations on personal topics. This is how fraudsters behave in order to put down their vigilance, or to stretch their time in order to have time to finish the scam;
you are hired, but they do not say that you need to sign a contract, there is no accountant or lawyer;
they do not explain to you exactly your duties, schedule, do not tell you exactly where you will work;
The employer does not disclose the scope of the company or is unable to formulate it;
there is no company stamp on the documentation for a job;
you are required to make entry fees, purchase materials for work, pay the cost of registration, etc .;

How to find a good job?

You were given a test of large volume. There is a high probability that you will do the work for free;
they take you to work by phone and promise to send paid materials by mail. Today, remote work is quite popular, but the choice of the company must be approached with all care.

How to find a job

Now consider the main steps that will help find a good job:

Correct summary

If you already know in what sphere you wish to be realized, then it’s time to make a resume. Now it is almost impossible to find a job without it, so remember: a resume requires an informative, short, well-structured, competent. This is part of the success.

Use all sources

Today there are many options for finding a job. It is important to use all existing sources: from friends to recruitment agencies. So you will have more chances to find a dream job.

Searches for newspaper ads

Despite the fact that now is the age of IT-technologies, the old way of finding work in the newspapers is quite effective. There is an opinion that here you can find only network marketing, but this is a delusion. Often the phone is not written in the ad, but the postal address or fax to send a resume. If even the phone is present, then you will immediately be asked to send a resume or invited for an interview. Call immediately if you find a suitable job. Do not wait and hesitate.

Use all possible ways of searching for a job: Internet, ads in the newspaper, interviewing acquaintances, social networks.

Search on the Internet

It has long been believed that traditional Mass Media is gradually moving away. In Western countries, for example, job seekers and recruiters have long been searching for each other on the Web. We also have a lot of special sites that help to find jobs, allow you to post a resume. Searching for work through the Internet is very popular and some companies are looking for employees only for this.

How to find a good job?

Recruitment agencies

In addition to newspapers and the Internet, there are many recruitment agencies. They can be generalized and narrowly specialized. It is quite convenient. To start, do a little analysis and make a rating of agencies, because there are a lot of them. Companies that work for more than 5 years, appreciate their reputation. Such an agency does not allow blunders.

Knowledge of languages

If you have a good command of a foreign language, you can demonstrate this by writing a resume in that language. So you will find a chance to find work in a foreign company or a company with foreign capital. In addition, it makes the task of a recruiter easier.

Signs of a good job

After you work in one place for about 1 year, you should think about whether it suits you, and whether it makes sense to continue here to stay. Evaluate and understand the prospects of the place will help signs of good work. For this it is worth answering a few questions:

Do you like what you are doing? Do you like your job? Ready to stay here?
Think about whether you feel yourself a member of the team, fit into the team, is your professionalism in demand here? It is important to analyze how much useful you learned at work, what you learned. Do other colleagues share your experience with you?
Having worked for some time in the organization, you should get an idea of ​​what awaits you further, is there a prospect. Are you sure that you are able to compete with other colleagues?
Rate the working atmosphere, think about whether you like your employees? It happens that colleagues all day instead of working busy intrigues and gossip. What mood do you come to the office with?
But whatever the team, you work for income. Can you say your efforts are noticed? Are you satisfied with the salary?

If you have already found a job and have worked for some time, then you should evaluate its prospects.

If you answer yes to all these questions, then your work is truly good, it suits you. But if there are doubts and discontent, then you should think about finding another place or line of business.

Sly ways of finding a good job

A decent job is not so easy to find, because if you do not have useful contacts and superpowers, then you will have to fight for a decent place. Consider the tricky ways to find work:

Pay the intermediary.Search ads for employees for a prestigious job usually do not print on the pages of newspapers. On the Net, you will sometimes notice them, but prepare yourself for the fact that hundreds of applicants will participate in the selection. Finding a good place using traditional methods is almost impossible. Therefore, an alternative search will be required. Tell your friends that you are ready to pay half your salary for information about a good position. Motivation makes people not only remind you, but also advertise.

How to find a good job?

Own database.In most companies, it is customary to add messages to popular portals,when they immediately need an employee. If the vacancy is not “hot”, then it is published only on the company's website. Just for this reason, if you have a narrow specialization, write a rating of companies and their sites, without forgetting to read news on them.

Remind yourself.Insolence - happiness number 2. Therefore, if you received a refusal in the firm, call there after a while, ask how things are. Keep contacts of companies.

Unusual promo.Create a resume is allowed on different media. Order a T-shirt with your own phone number, a nice smiley and a message to find a job. Another option is business cards that can be distributed in different places, etc. The options are interesting to present themselves mass.

Failures when looking for work. Causes

Whatever it was, but the job search is sometimes delayed. You send a resume, attend interviews, ask for help wherever possible. But the days go by, and the work does not find you. Mood falls, self-esteem, too, and optimism is not enough. Experts believe that all the problems in the job search process are reduced to the main typical reasons.

1. Wrong summary

It has already been said 1,000 times that a resume is the “face” of a potential employee, but many still do not consider this important. You need your own CV to show that you are worthy of this place. How can this be achieved? To get started, stop doing bulk posting on all relevant ads. Quantity should be replaced with quality. Change your own resume for a specific announcement, add accompanying messages. Do not allow the summary of errors and lies. Do not assign other people's achievements and responsibilities.

Use all the tricks when searching for jobs. So you will have more chances to find a dream job.

2. Errors in the interview process

If your resume is interesting, and your name is on the interview, but not invited to the company, then, most likely, you make mistakes in behavior. Remember all the little things about your own interviews. What exactly might not like your behavior? There are many options, but there are also typical ones:

late arrival;
inadequate appearance. At the interview should appear in clothes in a business style, without bright makeup and jewelry;
unwillingness to answer simple questions like: “What do you know about the company?” If you are going to an interview, then by all means study the minimum information about the company;
criticism of the former collective and superiors.Negative reviews about the previous work will make an opinion of you as a conflicted person;
you have not demonstrated the motivation and interest in the work. Recruiters believe that sufficient motivation is a strong advantage;

How to find a good job?

inconsistency of salary requirements and unwillingness to make financial compromises. Typically, HR managers are already in the process of interviewing to find out what your financial appetites will be. This will help to understand the professional in the complex. The overestimated bar is evidence of excessive self-esteem, too low - lack of experience;
impolite behavior. Often people come to interviews and see a young girl there. They sincerely do not understand how such an “inexperienced” worker is able to appreciate their invaluable knowledge. The result is rudeness toward the HR manager. But remember that during the first interview, the recruiter assesses only the overall adequacy of the person, not professionalism;
failure to perform a test task. If you are offered to demonstrate your own skills, then you should not immediately think that the company wants to assign your work. Successful execution of test tasks becomes a plus.

3Information about the applicant from

It has long been known that social networks are becoming a favorite way to search for information from recruiters. Wanting to find out more about a potential employee than he reports, managers visit his page on popular networks. And there are a lot of interesting data: personal photos, friends, statuses. Well, if this information is decent. But ambiguous videos, intimate photos, extremist appeals under the posts on the “wall” can seriously spoil the situation.

4. Actual vacancy mismatch

Although it often happens that the applicant observes all the nuances: he arrives on time for interviews in a normal way, extremely polite, does not ask for inadequate wages, there are no mistakes in the resume, etc. But the work still does not find it. What is the problem?

How to find a good job?

Most likely, your experience is in fact not very responsive to the jobs you select. At the same time, according to experts, the motive for refusals is sometimes the lack of experience in this specialty or excessive professionalism. In the first situation, the employer is afraid that the person is not able to cope with the task, and in the second, that will soon lose interest in it.Look at your own experience on the part of the employer, think about whether you have the right goals? Is it possible to reach them? Are you ready to be a leader, or do you still have to work hard on the place of an ordinary manager? And, on the contrary, have you outgrown the vacancy of a regular accountant? Maybe it's time to become a candidate for the post higher?

If a good job is not in any way, then it is worth assessing and reconsidering your approach. You may be making typical common mistakes.

5. Bad luck

No matter how trite it may sound, the fact remains - in order to find a decent job, you will need at least a little luck and the help of Fortune. Appear at the right time and in the right place, accidentally see a curious ad, accidentally meet a former employee who will help change the fate - this does not help any advice and rules. It is enough to be prepared not to miss the chance and catch luck.

If fate does not want to turn your face to you, do not panic. Remember: looking for a job is also a difficult and daily job. But one day you will have a chance to say that you have found a dream job.

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