How to feel like a real woman

Do we often ask the question: "Do I feel like a woman?" We understand a lot about ourselves as a careerist, daughter, mother, friend, but rarely remember our real destination - to be a woman in the true sense of the word. Today, the rules of the game are such that one can realize anything: some say that the woman's happiness is in labor, others frantically enjoy the decree with slogans # jail. In addition, the boundaries between the masculine and the feminine are greatly erased in society: sometimes it is not clear what is inherent in female behavior and what is masculine. Recently, my three year old son asked me why I work a lot. In response, I muttered something incoherent about making money. Not having had time to recover from his own comment, the child added: "Mom, what about boys?"

Brilliant children's thoughts immersed me in introspection and memories. About how I perceived women in my family. All of them are obvious workaholics, disappearing on business trips and offices, exactly as I am now.

Of course, I love my job, I am happy that I have classes that I like, but the phrase “Boys for what?” Never even crossed my mind. Now, at thirty-three years old, I would tell myself twenty years old never to forget about it and not to disappear after 19:00 in the walls of even the most comfortable editorial staff.

Of course, you can argue with me, but personal experience says: there is a very thin line between “being a woman” and a career. And making money is contrary to the female nature and prevents other important aspects - from health to personal life.

How to feel like a real woman

Feeling like a woman is impossible without physical acceptance of yourself. This is an unbearably difficult, but indispensable way. You can sit up and look for shortcomings until you retire, feel sad about imperfect legs or imperfect breast shape, or you can stop torturing yourself and correcting it. Take your legs, chest, eyes and lips - there will be no others. It is not necessary to sing the praises of the body, to wear only mini, showing the world how much you love yourself. It is enough just to accept this given by parents and nature and at some point to stop focusing on this. Generally stop.

Someone will say: “But what about self-improvement?” I would venture to suggest that it’s not about him, but about the standards of beauty that most of us nervously follow today.It is much more effective to do the same sport not to surpass beauties from instagram, but to feel the flexibility, the fit of your body and keep it in good shape. More for real happiness and not necessary. A woman who looks perfect with extinct eyes (that is, dissatisfied with herself) will endlessly bring herself to perfection until she realizes that she is trying for everyone except herself.

In general, the body is our ally. Ours and nobody else.

How to feel like a real woman

Real women don't take themselves too seriously. Lightness, coquetry, casual behavior - this is all that adds to all of us enviable charm and attractiveness. Remember the funny beauties from Audrey Hepburn to Scarlett Johansson. Men get away from such crazy things for a reason: a real woman will always hide her erudition a little, not being afraid to look ridiculous, a little scattered and from this incredibly cute. Thus, it does not encroach upon male territory, where logic and the demonstrated mind usually reign.

A woman feels like a woman when she speaks to a man. When he knows how to accept everything he gives her: compliments, gifts, money, help.Modern independent girls quite often take into hostility any masculine opportunities to show sympathy. We go to extremes. Either we give up everything from fear that we owe him something, or obsessively wait for signs of attention and mercantilally appreciate any gift. All that is required of us is to accept. To be pleased with bouquets of camomiles or roses, smile in return and ask nothing - it is this gratitude and healthy independence that motivates a man to be necessary and useful.

Do not look for femininity from the outside, it is inside you. And most importantly - do not utter the phrase "I myself." This is exactly the case when "the word is not a sparrow, it will fly out - you will not catch it"

How to feel like a real woman

A woman feels like a woman when she takes time for herself - from a beloved hobby to meeting a friend. Everyone knows this magical feeling after such meetings, when for a couple of hours all the most senseless and beautiful in this world is discussed. Face masks, balsulfate shampoos, dresses from H & M, unique serums and ideal "liquid pantyhose" for the feet, if they do not tan. After such conversations, the inner woman charges for at least a week.

Similar habits - to do something maiden for themselves - are honed like any skills. Make it a rule to give yourself time in a certain way, having first thought up what it could be. Remember what fascinates you, brings positive emotions and pleasure. Massage, a book in the bathroom, a movie on Sundays - it must be something that does not just sound beautiful, but you like it. If you do not think up, consult with the best girlfriend.

The development of femininity is impossible without dresses in the wardrobe. Quite a controversial recommendation for today, given the feminization, the cult of comfortable jeans and fashionable sneakers. But the fact is a fact: a skirt or dress emphasizes our sex. And to deny it is the same as to deny your essence.

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