How to eat in the city center for free: actions about which restaurants are silent

There are several ways to eat in the city center for free (or almost for free), but it’s not customary to talk about them ...


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This is a popular phenomenon in the West. In Russia, basically, “sharing food” is taken in communities on social networks. There, users who are free to give away food they do not need (because of the move or any other), publish information and invite everyone.

Specialized sites

SiteRestoRaidsregularly publishes the so-called ruin, which can also be tracked through the channel or bot inTelegram.Often, the site team tracks exactly the stock, in which you can eat it for free. Sometimes just with an impressive discount. Pan eyeRestoRaidsIt works at full capacity only in large cities, but if you know great promotions and are ready to share them, then you can try to negotiate with a friendly admin and do it on a regular basis for a subscription or other bonuses.


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Bonuses from banks

In some institutions, you can pay with bonuses, accumulated on a bank card. Often they are forgotten, but it is nice when the cashier or waiter reminds of them.

Part-time catering

If you want not just to eat for free, but the need has arisen - the money has completely run out, you can kill two birds with one stone. Many institutions need an extra pair of hands from time to time. Take a walk along the restaurant street and ask around, someone will take you for a part-time rush hour, pay, allow you to pick up tips, and even feed you.

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