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Generations of teenie boppers have been told that eating chocolate causes breakouts, and greasy foods like pizza results in "pizza face." Acne — that oh-so loveable inflammatory skin condition that gives us clogged pores, blackheads, and pimples — is never funAcne vulgaris; Cystic acne; Pimples; Zits. Last reviewed: November 22, 2011. A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia.. We’re stepping in to investigate if what we eat really leads to bad skin — and how we can help fight that prepubescent nightmare.

What Makes Acne Worse

Some foods can aggravate acne, but the main offenders are high in carbs or excessively greasy. Here’s the breakdown of why a loaf of white bread or a basket of wings could lead to a zit disaster.

High Glycemic Index FoodsThe is a ranking of carbs (from 0 to 100) based on how much they raise blood sugar levels when we eat them. Foods with values below 55 are considered "low-GI," while those above 70 are considered "high-GI"Insulin resistance: definition and consequences. Lebovitz, H.E., State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn, USA.. High GI foods (like doughnuts, white bread, or pretzels) spike blood sugar levels because the body digests them very quickly. This can increase acne flare-ups because spiked insulin levels increase the body’s inflammatory reactions, which — surprise, surprise — can mean acne inflammationsDoes diet really affect acne? Ferdowsian, H.R., Levin, S. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington, DC, USA. Skin Therapy Letter, 2010 Mar;15(3):1-2, 5.Over-stimulation of insulin/IGF-1 signaling by western diet may promote diseases of civilization: lessons learnt from laron syndrome. Melnik, B.C., John, S.M., Schmitz, G. Department of Dermatology, Environmental Medicine and Health Theory, University of Osnabruck, Sedanstrasse, Osnabruck, Germany. Nutrition &Metabolism(London),2011Jun24;8:41..


RefinedSugars,Dairy,Chocolate,FastFoodWhilesomepeoplemaygetacneflare-upsfromeatingdairy,refinedsugars,andevenchocolate,there’snotawholelotofevidencetoprovetheydefinitelyleadtoafacefullofpimplesTheassociationofacnevulgariswithdiet.Veith,W.B.,Silverberg,N.B.,UniversityofKentuckyCollegeofMedicine,Lexington,USA.Cutis;CutaneousMedicineforthePractitioner,2011Aug;88(2):84-91..Dairyisstillontheradarbecausemilkandwheyprotein-basedproductsuplevelsofinsulinEvidenceforacne-promotingeffectsofmilkandotherinsulinotropicdairyproducts.Melnik,B.C.DepartmentofDermatology,EnvironmentalMedicineandHealthTheory,UniversityofOsnabruck,Osnabruck.NestleNutritionWorkshopSeries.PediatricProgram,2011;67:131-45.Epub2011Feb16.Insulinresistanceandacne:anewriskfactorformen?DelPrete,M.,Mauriello,M.C.,Faggiano,A.,etal.DepartmentofMolecularandClinicalEndocrinologyandOncology,FedericoIIUniversityofNaples,Naples,Italy.Endocrine,2012,Mar25.Highglycemicload,milkandicecreamconsumptionarerelatedtoacnevulgarisinMalaysianyoungadults:acasecontrolstudy.Ismail,N.H.,AbdulManaf,Z.,Azizan,N.Z.BMCDermatology,2012Aug16;12(1):13.. Fast food, because of high sugar levels and fat content, could likely contribute to less-than-perfect skin, but there’s not a lot of research to prove its link to acneAcne: prevalence and relationship with dietary habits in Eskisehir, Turkey. Koku Aksu, A.E., Metintas, S., Saracoglu, Z.N. Department of Dermatology Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Eskisehir, Turkey. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 2011 Nov 10.. And then there’s chocolate, which has been associated with acne for decades… but only one controlled study claims that due to its dairy and carb content.

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Communication on this topic: How to Eat for Healthy, Clear Skin, how-to-eat-for-healthy-clear-skin/ , how-to-eat-for-healthy-clear-skin/

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