How to draw a family, a coat of arms and a family tree of a family - step by step with pencils and paints for children and beginners

1KNICH-019What and how to draw a family, family tree and family coat of arms with their own hands, prompt workshops with a phased description of the process, photos and videos. For simple artists, simple pencil works will do, and young artists with experience will try to perform more complex tasks with a pen or paint on a paper with a family portrait or an interesting genre composition with mom, dad, children, close relatives and pets.

How to draw a family of 4 people in a step-by-step pencil child - a lesson with a description and a photo

A detailed lesson with a description and step-by-step photos will tell you how to draw a family of 4 on a paper with a pencil.The work is not so difficult, as laborious and requires attention, diligence and accuracy. All the figures have many details that will have to be carefully worked out. But the finished composition will look very catchy and attractive, thus compensating for all the effort.

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