How to draw a cat step by step with a pencil?

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How to draw a cat step by step with a pencil?

Charming cat is graceful and gentle, she has beautiful eyes and always well-groomed fur. Learning for yourself or for the kids to draw this pretty animal is not at all difficult. We have collected for you a few simple but interesting workshops.

How to draw a cat: step by step instructions

Armed with a pencil, preferably with a firmer stylus, we will draw a cat with a pencil in stages. Lines of solid stylus are thin, non-greasy, and therefore they will be easy to change, remove in the process.

The basis of the figure will lay the basic geometric shapes: circles, ovals, rectangles. According to them, it will be easier for us to chart the position of the body and sustain all proportions.

At first we will draw a pencil with a cat with a simple, smooth and tiger-colored coat.

  1. Let's mark on the sheet the head with eyes, body and legs with the help of circles of different size.
  2. Connecting separate circles with smooth lines,get the outlines of the front legs and tail. Draw ears on the head.
  3. Remove the helpers lines, leaving the ready silhouette of the animal.Cat
  4. On the face draw a nose and mouth. In the eyes we depict the pupils - they can be both round and very narrow, vertical.
  5. Now with lines of different lengths and inclination we show that the body has bends, and the skin has folds. This should be done both on the head and on the body.
  6. With tiny strokes on the lines made in the previous step, we outline the fur. Our cat is ready!

Draw a cartoon cat

If you wish, you can color the cat colors. But you can also leave it in a pencil version by painting over the drawing with the help of shading technique.

If this option is still difficult for you, try to draw a cat in animated style with a pencil in stages.

  1. Draw a circle by dividing it into 4 parts with intersecting lines.
  2. Write closed eyes in a circle (our cat is sleeping), nose and muzzle.
  3. Draw ears, fluffy fur.
  4. Use a smooth line to mark the body of the kitten, rolling in the tail.
  5. Finish the foot.

By analogy, you can draw a cat and kittens. Then, for the tail, you will need to place one or two circles, outlining the heads of the kittens, and then draw the crumbs of the muzzle, ears, and upper body. Paws and tail from this perspective will not be visible.

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