How to divide the kitchen into zones

When zoning, there is a passage zone intended for entering and exiting the premises, a dining area for eating, a working area for cooking and kitchen services. The most important are working and dining areas.

For the dining area it is important to create comfort and coziness, which is so necessary for a quiet meal and rest at the table. The working area requires the convenience of the location of various utilities (cold and hot water, household gas, electricity, sewage, extractor hood, etc.), the location of kitchen accessories (including various kitchen appliances) and products, as well as the convenience of food processing.

The layout of the kitchen room when zoning plays a key role, but it is quite possible to distinguish zones by design methods: the arrangement of furniture, lighting, color, finishing kitchen surfaces with different materials, partitions, etc.

Dining area

To create the comfort and comfort you need for eating in the dining area, it is recommended to use separate lamps.If such a zone is close to the window, it is very good to use wall lights to receive additional artificial light in the evening. Such lamps can also be located in the eaves directly above the window.

To highlight the table, you can use a separate lamp located on the ceiling. For such a lamp, it is preferable to have an adjustment of its height of its rise above the table.

The walls in such an area are recommended to be covered with washable wallpaper, as the wallpaper here is subject to more intensive pollution than in other rooms. Gender is recommended to highlight the use of its different colors, the use of floor patterns, as well as using various finishing materials other than materials used for finishing other areas.

Work zone

A bright light is required for the working area, since electromechanical, thermal, manual and other important works are associated with increased danger (cutting, cutting, thermal and chemical treatment, etc.).

Illumination of a working zone is carried out by luminescent light.For the gas stove, the lighting from the lamps located in the hood above the stove is used. Lights washing is carried out from lamps located in a wall cupboard above it.

For more convenient washing and cleaning of surfaces of walls in this area, it is recommended to overlay them with ceramic tiles. You can use when zoning and multi-level ceilings.

The above techniques will help you to easily zone the kitchen and turn it into a multifunctional, efficient, comfortable and cozy room for the whole family.

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