How to develop your photogenic?

If you, looking at your photos, are constantly unhappy with how you get on them, this does not mean that you are not beautiful. Perhaps you just do not know how to properly photographed. After all, there are people who are very beautiful by nature, but in photographs they look completely different.


And it happens the other way round, a person with completely ordinary external data in the photo turns out to be simply stunning. Remember the famous world stars and models: their photos can not leave anyone indifferent, but in life many of them are far from ideal. So what is their secret? They just know how to properly apply themselves in front of the camera lens. And you can learn it too. So how do you become photogenic?

First, let's find out what it is, photogenic?

For the first time this concept appeared thanks to the Frenchman Louis Dellyuk. Photogenicity is a person’s ability to be better in photographs than he really is, i.e. skillfully demonstrate their merits and hide flaws.

It is important to know your good angles.

Although this word consists of two components “photo” and “gene”, but this does not mean that a person with innate beauty will be considered photogenic. If you have remarkable features, even if imperfect, and know how to show them at a favorable angle for you, then you have every chance of becoming photogenic.

Some recommendations

This also needs to be learned

To ensure that your images always turn out to be successful, the following tips will help you:

  • Dress properly. Perhaps you do not like yourself in the photo due to the fact that your clothes emphasize all the flaws of your figure. Try changing your style. Buy only the clothes that favorably show all your strengths and hide the flaws. If your figure is far from ideal, then in no case should you wear a too tight outfit. Also, do not choose too complicated, and even an artsy image, as it will divert all attention to itself. In the right clothes you will feel more confident and this will be reflected in the photo.
  • Choose the right color of clothes. It's no secret that color plays an important role in creating the right image.He can, how to embellish your appearance, and make it faceless. Therefore, it is very important to find your own color scheme in clothes, which would emphasize the beautiful color of your eyes and hair, and your skin on its background would look beautiful and healthy. In addition, for photographing it is better to choose outfits that are not too bright in color so that they do not distract attention from your face. It would also be better if the lower and upper parts of the attire are in different shades. Otherwise in the photo you will look like a solid monochrome spot.
  • Use the right makeup. In order not to get lost in the photo, it is better to use a brighter make-up than in everyday life. In addition, you should pay special attention to the condition of your skin. Try to hide all the flaws with the help of cosmetics, or at least powder the nose so that there is no greasy shine. Even if you have perfect skin, it’s still better to refuse large angles, as the camera can reveal even its minor irregularities, and the close-up photography itself requires the use of professional equipment and the correct setting of the light.
  • Hide your flaws.If you know about all your shortcomings, then you can hide them beforehand, either using previous tips or simply turning the right side of your face to the camera lens.
  • If you are complexing because of extra kilos, then the following technique will help you to be visually slimmer in the photo: take a full-length photo, with your body rotated 45º relative to the camera, turn your shoulders and head towards the lens, set your foot forward a little, and transfer body weight to the leg behind. So in the photo you will seem slimmer than it actually is.
  • You can get rid of a double chin as follows: raise your head slightly, imagining that the camera is slightly higher than your eyes.
  • To hide the roughness of the skin and wrinkles, you can use the technique that is regularly used by the model: turn your face 3/4 to the camera, stretch your neck slightly forward and tilt your head down.
  • If you have ugly teeth, it is best to smile with your mouth closed.
  • Keep your back straight. Good posture always decorates a person, makes him fit and visually hides the extra centimeters in problem areas.In addition, correct posture has a positive effect on human health. After all, all the diseases, one way or another, begin because of back problems. In addition, a man with a beautiful posture looks very advantageous in a photograph.
  • Find your successful perspective. For a start, practice in front of a mirror. Look at what angles you can hide your flaws and demonstrate all your merits. In addition, you can use a digital camera to clearly understand whether you are successful in this perspective or not?
  • Smile with your eyes. It looks very beautiful on any photo. A mischievous look and a sincere smile will make your image in the picture lively and attractive. To achieve this, imagine that in front of you is not an unfamiliar photographer, but a loved one with whom you can fool around a bit.
  • Relax. Very often, people, facing the camera lens, behave unnaturally. They become nervous, and their face and body are stretched to the limit. Of course, this state immediately affects the quality of the photo. Such pictures are unlikely to please you.So what to do? In order to relax in front of the camera lens, imagine that this is not a soulless subject, but your best friend, in whose company you can be yourself. Take a deep breath and exhale, relax your shoulders and smile. If the photographer took you by surprise, then keep calm, no need to quickly take any posture. It is better to stay in the same position as before, adding just a smile. Believe me, in the photo it will look better than an incomprehensible and inappropriate posture.
  • Think good. To make your smile natural, remember something good or funny from your life. Surely these memories will make you smile, and it will be a sincere smile. Do not smile for a long time, waiting for the click of the camera. Otherwise, the smile will be tense. It is better to smile directly at the time of the click.
  • Relax your face. For 3 seconds before clicking the camera, lower your head down, and then without sudden movements, lift it up smoothly and smile. Thanks to this, your face will be completely relaxed.

General rules

Do not be afraid to take risks

In addition to these tips, there are also rules for photogenicity,followed by all photo models.

- Naturalness. If you do not have the task to enter into some kind of image, then the best thing is not to put anything in yourself. The contrived posture and the expression on your face that is not typical of you will look strange in the picture. Better show yourself, your personality, be unique.

- Listen to the photographer. He is your friend and, as well as you are interested in ensuring that you are good at his pictures. In addition, he is better seen from the side of what you need to do to make the photo perfect. He can give you good advice. Do not be afraid to tell the photographer if something does not suit you or you are just uncomfortable.

Beauty in simplicity

- Rehearse in front of the mirror. In order for the photo to correctly reflect your personality or the chosen image, you need to look at yourself from the side, which poses, gestures and facial expressions look advantageous in this situation. But if you do not have time to prepare, you can use the following universal techniques:

  • watch your posture;
  • straighten your shoulders;
  • bend your back - it looks spectacular;
  • pull in the belly;
  • if you want to look slimmer, then you need to lower your arms along your torso;
  • if you do not know where you can put your hands, then take something or just play with your hair.

- Hold a pose. It is not necessary after each click of the camera to immediately change the position. Give the photographer the opportunity to make at least a few frames, and only then change his position. This is due to the fact that instantly assess whether a shot is successful or not is very difficult. To create it, every little thing matters, and restoring the pose in the smallest detail is almost impossible. In addition, during photography, it is best to move smoothly and try to make these movements complete - it looks good on the photos.

- Do not hide your hands and feet. Very often during the shooting, we do not know where to put our hands, and hide them in our pockets, but if at least some of the hand is visible, it creates a feeling that our hands are cut off. To prevent this, hands should be completely covered with clothing. In addition, it is better to abandon short boots and shoes, especially when you have bare legs - it visually cuts them. But this rule does not apply to high-heeled shoes. In addition, if you decide to take photos on the waist, then the hands are best to bend around the chest, in no case can they be lowered.

- Do not look into the lens.Of course, unless your photographer wants it. If you want your image to be seen in the picture (posture, clothing, accessories, etc.), then it is better not to look directly at the camera. Look slightly away from or above the lens. A direct look at the picture always distracts all attention, and everything else becomes less noticeable.

- Do not stretch your arms or legs towards the photographer. This violates the proportions of your body in the picture. And when you want to play with your hair, your elbows are best set apart from the direction of the camera.

- Rate the background. It must be neutral, without many details, so that you do not get lost on it. It is best that the background consists of no more than 2 colors. In addition, these colors should be in contrast with the color of your skin and clothing.

Still, the most important rule of a successful photo is your good mood. When you learn to enjoy the process of photography itself, only then the quality of your images will noticeably improve. We hope that our tips will help you become photogenic, and you will love yourself in each new photo.

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