How to determine the moment to conceive

Conception occurs at the moment when the sperm fertilizes the egg. A woman's body produces eggs once a month, approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle. In the ovary, the follicle matures, from which an egg cell leaves under the influence of hormones. This process is called ovulation. To conceive a child, you need to determine the onset of ovulation or its proximity. Spermatozoa can live in the uterus and tubes for up to 10 days, and the egg cell is only 24 hours, so conception is possible if sexual intercourse occurred before or during ovulation.
The achievements of modern science gave women the opportunity to learn about pregnancy with the help of tests. In the same way you can determine the time of onset of ovulation. Buy a special set of test strips at the pharmacy, drop 1 strip of urine into a jar for a few days and evaluate the result by the color of the lines. When it turns out to be positive, take active steps if you want to have a baby, or protect yourself if your time has not come yet.
You can also use other methods of determining ovulation. They do not require investments, but are associated with regular monitoring of the processes occurring in the body. This is a method of observing cervical mucus, basal temperature measurement and a symptothermal method that combines the first two.
Cervical mucus is produced in the uterus during the whole cycle, but in different phases it has a different consistency. As a rule, before ovulation, it becomes transparent and viscous, similar to egg white. When visiting the toilet, pay attention to the clothes and vaginal discharge. You can take a sample of mucus with your fingers, washing your hands thoroughly. If the mucus is wet and slippery, ovulation is close or has just come.
To apply the basal temperature method, measure rectal temperature daily in the morning at the same time, without getting out of bed, and mark the results in the graph. When the temperature starts to rise, you can wait for the onset of ovulation. After three days of stable growth favorable forconceptionthe days are running out.
The symptothermal method is based on a combination of basal temperature measurement and observation of cervical mucus.In addition, it takes into account the position of the cervix, the degree of its openness and softness: before ovulation, the cervix rises, opens and becomes softer, after - falls. It is quite difficult for a non-specialist to assess, but in the process of observation experience will come.

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