How to determine the location of a person

Clients of the operator "Megaphone" can determine the location of a person by number in various ways. The first is the use of a special USSD request * 148 * subscriber number #. Please note that the number must be specified in the international format, starting with seven. As an alternative method, you can call the short number 0888 and inform the operator of the phone number you are interested in. There is also a site "Locator Megaphone", which allows to determine the location of the subscriber by number, using a computer with an Internet connection.
The service called “Locator” is also provided to subscribers of MTS company. To activate the option, send an SMS message with the phone of the subscriber you are interested in to the number 6677. You can also request the corresponding service in the operator support center by calling 0890.
Try also to determine the location of the person, using the special service "Mobile Locator" from the mobile operator "Beeline". Type the letter L in the text of the SMS message, the phone number of the desired subscriber and send to the number 684. To contact the support center specialists dial the number 0611.
Determine the location of a person is possible only with his consent. As soon as you order the corresponding service, he will receive an SMS message with a request to confirm his current coordinates. The subscriber can answer in the affirmative, with the result that you will receive a message with the information you are interested in. In case of failure to find the location of the subscriber will be impossible. The service of obtaining the coordinates of a person is paid. Specify its cost by contacting your operator.
Helpful advice
Avoid fraudulent resources, offering to find out the location of a person using special programs or mobile services that do not require confirmation from the subscriber. It is impossible to find the person you need in such ways. Most likely, a large amount of funds will be debited from your account.

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