How to deserve the attention of man

You will need
  • - flowers;
  • - candies;
  • - a surprise gift.
If you want to earn the attention of a young man or a girl you like, show yourself as an interesting person. At the same time, one should not forget about such character traits that have not lost their relevance, such as gallantry, good manners, politeness, etc.
Learn about the interests of the person you like: if they are close to yours, it will not be difficult for you to start an interesting and meaningful conversation. Do not be afraid to show yourself a professional in a particular area of ​​knowledge, but do not even try to emphasize your education. If you have a boast and a boon, you will quickly lose the desired attention. Stay with a man on an equal footing.
Do not stoop to lies, do not compose various tales that embellish you and your life, so you will not attract attention for a long time. On the contrary, one day a person will understand that you are lying and will lose all interest in you.
If you think that you have nothing to interest a person, start work on self-development.Read more educational books, find an interesting hobby for yourself, develop a positive view of the world.
Do not forget about various pleasant trifles that will appeal to any girl - flowers, sweets, etc. You can give them in person or send them through the delivery service. Perhaps you think this is trivial and frivolous, but if you are the first to show attention, you will definitely get a response.
Are you a creative person and write poetry or write pictures? Make an unusual surprise gift to a person whose attention you want to attract. You can get his picture and write a portrait on it or dedicate your poetic lines to it. If you do not decide on such a frank step yet, present a person a book or a picture you have written earlier. If you compose music, give it, if you sing professionally, make it heard so that you can express yourself on the best sides of your personality.
Would you like to earn the attention of the head and get a salary increase? Show yourself as a talented worker, a professional of the business that you do. Do not be afraid to declare yourself by making new rationalization proposals, offering creative ideas, etc.
Remember that people usually pay attention to the strong, smart and courageous.Develop these qualities in yourself, help those who need your help.
Do not strive to shock the person whose attention you want to attract. Challenging clothing, cheeky behavior, rudeness - all this, rather, will provoke the opposite result.

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