How to deposit money in an account

You will need
  • Cell phone number
Recharge via mobile transfer. This method of account replenishment is especially relevant in the case when you urgently need to transfer a certain amount of funds to another cellular subscriber. Each mobile operator has a similar option, using which you determine the amount of transfer to the final recipient. In this case, the amount transferred to another subscriber will be automatically deducted from the balance of your phone.
Account replenishment using terminals. Terminals today are quite popular among the population. Such points can serve almost all cellular operators, which is quite convenient. To replenish your account using a payment terminal, you need to do the following. Select a cellular operator that serves the number you need, then enter the phone number itself and click the next button. Now you need to insert into the bill acceptor the amount of money that you plan to transfer to the subscriber’s account. After receiving the terminal cash, click the button to pay.Do not forget to take a payment receipt - due to a possible failure in the program, your payment may not be processed.
Replenishment of the account through the offices of mobile operators or mobile shops. To transfer money to the account by a similar method, you need to visit the nearest office of the operator or the cellular communication salon. Call the cashier the phone number and the amount of payment, the specialist will do the rest independently. In this case, also do not forget to save a receipt for payment.

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