How to delete native files from the phone

Try to remove firstnativefilesusing the menuphone. Turn on the phone and use the file management menu to delete standard pictures and melodies. If this attempt does not succeed, go on to the next step.
Synchronize your phone with a computer. Everything you need for this, namely, the data cable and driver disk, you can find in the configurationphone. If this is not the case, you will need to find these components yourself. Buy a data cable in the store of cellular equipment. Drivers and software you can download on the website of the manufacturer of your cell. Examine the technical documentation for your mobile in order to find its address. Download and install the synchronization software.
Connect the phone to the computer. It is necessary to connect after installing the software, otherwise the synchronization may take place incorrectly. Make sure the program "sees" your phone.Using the software, go to the menuphoneand remove the standardfilesphone. In case they cannot be deleted, you can createfileswith the same name, but weighing one kilobyte.
You can also flash the phone. To do this, you will need firmware free of standard files, as well as special software. All this you can find on the website of the manufacturer of your cellular, for example, or Download only the software for which you have instructions. Start operation only when the battery is fully charged. Do not disconnect the mobile and computer until the operation is completed, and also do not use it for calls and SMS. Failure to comply with any of these clauses may result in

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